Thursday, March 30, 2006

Breakdown of the Rallies

This is from an email I received from my father and I did a fact check and cleaned up the numbers if needed.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated sizes of the gigantic immigrant rights protests that happened in the last 2 weeks against the bill in Congress that is a major assault on immigrant rights:

March 14, Philadelphia's - 1,000
March 15, Monterey CA, 200
March 18, Santa Cruz, CA 1,000
March 18, Seattle WA, 2,000
March 18, Chicago IL, 300,000
March 24, Milwaukee WI 10,000
March 24, Phoenix AZ, 20,000 biggest demonstrations in city history
March 24 - 27, Los Angeles CA 25,000 students walkouted from 10 local high schools and middle schools
March 24, Riverside CA, 400 students at two campuses in the Moreno Valley Unified School District
March 24, Atlanta GA, 80,000 workers struck and hundreds protested GA state bill similar to HR4437 that passed on Friday.
March 24, Tuscon AZ 1,500
March 25, Denver CO, 50,000
March 25, Dallas TX, 1,500
March 25, Houston TX 6,000
March 25, Kansas KA, 2,000 largest Hispanic gathering
March 25, Charlotte NC, 5 - 7,000
March 25, Sacramento CA, 4,000
March 25, Los Angeles CA, 500,000



Simplemente 'L' said...

Sorry, this' not a comment, but a question... Do any of you guys know of a site/phone where I can see any upcoming rallies in Houston?

Duke1676 said...


try here: