Saturday, March 11, 2006

The story you’re not going to see about HR4437

Crowds stretched back at least 20 blocks from Federal Plaza at one point. The procession was so long that some marchers still hadn't made it to the plaza when the two-hour rally ended.”

Unless you live in the Chicago area you probably are unaware that a rally of this size even took place yesterday. Hundreds of thousands immigrants, activists, clergy and politicians marched in protest of “The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 – HR 4437.

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From the local CBS affiliate in Chicago comes this:

CHICAGO Crowds marched through the city on Friday to rally against HR 4437 – The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005.

Supporters of the bill before Congress say it beefs up border protection. But thousands of people in Chicago's Latino community call the pending bill a blatant violation of rights.

As CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, the protesters -- of Polish, Irish, Latino, Chinese and many other nationalities -- gathered at Union Park, at Ashland Avenue and Lake Street, and marched to the Loop. From the air, it appeared to be an endless sea of demonstrators, flooding the streets to protest the recently-passed house bill, which would make it a crime to hire or even help undocumented immigrants.

At the end of the day, organizers say it was more than half a million protesters. Police estimated the crowd at 300,000.


Many of the protesters were immigrants who took the day off work to attend the rally.

“This is a ridiculous bill,” said Polish immigrant Paulina Cdnok. “I don't understand how it got as far as it did, and they're trying to make this a law -- and then at this point it's a police state.”

Other immigrants said their most important goal was to be part of the United States.

“It’s important that they know that we make great contributions to this country,” Chicago resident Maricela Herrera said. “We’re not here to take any jobs or anything, we’re here to be able to give our contributions that make the United States what it is.”

But for those in the rest of the country, the news of this huge rally looked more like this two sentence report from the Washington Post:


CHICAGO -- Tens of thousands of Mexican and other immigrants held a large rally in Chicago on Friday to protest proposed changes to immigration laws. Chicago police said 75,000 to 100,000 people were involved in the march and rally.

Many other papers ran the AP story entitled: “100,000 march in favor of immigrant rights” which went a little further in depth - but like the New York Times did not feature it prominently, choosing to bury the story in the back of the paper. The AP story also made sure to mention remarks made by a small contingent of the local Illinois Minutemen group in opposition to the march. Just for “balance” I guess.

But it’s hard to counter something like this with the usual anti-immigrant rhetoric:

Perhaps the media needs to start looking beyond the inflammatory, xenophobic and sensational, and start to deal with this issue in a responsible way. This won’t be the last time thousands take to the streets … and they can’t be ignored forever.


Contact your Senator
Contact the Media
Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee

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Justice for Immigrants The Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform

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National Council of La Raza


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XicanoPwr said...

I am kind of disappointed with Technorati because it tends to show more of the negative aspects of immigration. And this is my concern, Latino pundit made this comment yesterday:
"I just don't see enough Democratic politicians nor bloggers giving it the attention it deserves. The immigration issue also branches out to voters concerns like national security, terrorism, drug trafficing, and crime. Republicans and the media have made this the hot topic for elections."

Yet, we have posted this not only on our blogs, but on ePM, BT, and others. So hasn't Technorati picked up on that. I must have ping mine several times and still nothing. Only if I type in XicanoPwr or yours or Manny.

XicanoPwr said...

I'll do some research on it.

olivia said...

Thanks for posting this Duke... I didn't hear anything about the protest except for on the interent -- specifically your diaries. Looking at the photos, I am astounded at the control the media has in selecting what we will be shown. It is truly scary.

Karina said...

I do hope this does not pass as a law,I'm in california and more than half the people here are immigrants legal or not. can these politicians answer this question: my brother is in the united States Marine Corp and a son of an Illigal immigrant does that make him a delinquent"? no it makes him a hero for this country. Dont forget we are not here to blow up airplanes or hurt anyone , we are here to give our children and future generations a chance of a better life, so keep in mind the only true amricans here are the native american indians not the politicians in the white house or the idiot who proposed this to them.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a college student in San Diego.. I am Latina...thanks to my dad I could get a paper that says that I am not form Neptune...I believe that this law is absulutelly ridiculous. If this law is passed it will bring more chaos in the US...why? because many ignorant people believe that only Latinos are illegal, when there are many many other etnicities that live illegally in the US like Europeans, Asians from everywhere, but the stereotype is mainly aim to Latinos.I am a native mesoamerican. I speak a native language and I am proud. When I was in high school I was beat by some kids and they calle me "dirty immigrant." Why becuase I am dark skinned. I am really dissapointed the way anti-immigrants think. In my work I saw a man with a T-shirt that says... Mass Immigration is suicide...and that is true because the mass immigratuion from Europe centuries ago.. has almost exterminate my race:(. My ancestors did not ask for VISA for those immigrants.. instead those immigrants took the land by force killing my people. So why you don't want to share the land that is already ours?who are the immigrants?is this white America or brown America? I am scare of white people because I have been repudieted by them.. Shame on the people that does support this law...I do not consider myself immigrant beucase my ancestors were in this land since ever..If you were welcome in this land then everybody is welcome don't you think so...if terrorist want to attack they are already here. like the 9/11 they were legal...they did not boder to enter illegally... so now you are judging tomorrow you will be judge...

Anonymous said...

In this new law HR4437, what they are saying is if for example, if my father is living in the US illegally my whole intire family living in the Us could be convicted as a felon. He does pay his taxes every year, he does everything just like any othr citizen does. People are running in the street as convicted felons with cops looking for them, but instead of focusing on that you are focusing on my race when all we have done is make America the Great Melting Pot that it is.

Anonymous said...

In this new law they are pointing this all at Latin American people. WHY????? I dont know why. Are people jelous of Latino Pride. I have never seen a race as proud as the Latinos are. I don't want to start stereotyping in other races like the government is so let me take that back. All immgrants have more pride in their homeland than White Americans do. You kow that is true.

Anonymous said...

why is Bush doing this to us.We work for them for a good not to harm .We might be illegal alliens not criminals . Stop racism, because this is starting to look like that. Almost everybody fighting out there for a nonsense war at Irak are LATINOS so why discriminate. Thanks to the immigrants the U.S maintains its economy high. We won't give up we will fight until we can'tanymore. SO al of the latinos let's unite and fight for what is right. Remember, LATINOS UNIDOS JAMAS SERAN BENCIDOS

Anonymous said...

half a million illegal immigrants flock to the U.S every year. a survey showed that half of mexico would migrate to the U.S. if they could. do you all of you really believe there should be no immigration laws when it comes to the US? Think about the guatemalans and how they are treated when they try to cross over into mexico - yes quite hypocritical. After all, they too are just looking for a better life. there have to be laws in place for any country, and it's in the countrys' best interest for people to follow these laws and respect them. Yes Latinos have alot of pride as an ethnic group; however half of Mexico wants to leave their country instead of staying and working harder to make it a great country does show a lack of commitment.

Anonymous said...

Born in California PROUDLY raced en Mexico.

I am one the 11 Million Latinos that gets to see and live the injustices of our hard working people that risk their lives while crossing the U.S. Border. Why? In case you did not know, Only To Work. All they want is to be able to provide food, clothing, and education for their children. Did you think any different? YOU ARE WRONG! It was about time for something like this to happen. I am one of the five children of a couple that at one time were Illegal Immigrants too. I stand for what is right, and I can tell you I fight and I always will to protect all this people that the only they want is to be left alone and let them work. These are just a few examples of what reality is all about when it comes to Illegal Immigrants been taken advantage of. I am tired of all the ignorant people that believe and keep repeating that Illegal Immigrants do not pay taxes. This is not true. Have you ever seen an Illegal Immigrant showing the cashier at any super market, or department store a document stating that he or she is illegal to avoid paying taxes or to have taxes waived on the purchase? Absolutely NOT! It is totally the opposite. This people get to pay taxes for everything they buy. Stop saying Illegal Immigrants do not pay taxes. They do! What you are about to read is another example of injustice to our Illegal Immigrants. I work for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. and about two years ago this company became aware of our largest Latino population in California, and through out the country. This company decided to start selling insurance policies to Illegal Immigrants and not having a California Drivers License or California ID was not going to stop them from increasing the company's revenue. All employees got a memo indicating that effective immediately this company will start taking " La Tarjeta Consular" (Mexican Consulate Card) a copy of it was attached to the memo. This company had just found a perfect way of reaching out to the Latino Illegal Immigrant Community and by doing this the company was very aware of the tremendous impact this will have in their policy sales. Now, the company presented this it’s employees as a new achievement and at the same time presented it self to the Latino Community as the heroes since this was the first and only company taking La Tarjeta Consular then. This Company many others know that Latino Community has a large impact in this country's economy, and this includes Illegal Immigrants. We are a big part of the country's economy and it does NOT matter what every ignorant thinks! This company was absolutely right about the Perfect Hook they had just created for the Latino Community. Our volume of Spanish calls increased about 70-80%, however they never bothered about having enough people that Speak Spanish to assist all the new members they had just got hooked. All these Illegal Immigrants deserve to be treated equally, since they are paying their premiums just like other customers. Of course, I was not surprised that this company treated the new enrollees as numbers and dollar signs not as humans and people that should be given the same rights. I have sent an un-numbered of emails to management requesting that we get more employees that Speak Spanish to be able to serve our Spanish Speaking members including all the Illegal Immigrants in a timely manner, and to stop the representatives that speak English only from hanging up their calls instead of getting the help they were seeking when they initiated the call. The answer I got was “ It is not our fault that they do not speak English, this is U.S and everyone should be here legally and speak English”. This company feels that they have other priorities other than looking into making things better for those members they wanted to enroll so bad, even if they were Illegal Immigrants. They forgot about all promises made to all the Illegal Immigrants when they sold the policies. It seems like they think that our people do not deserved to be treated equally. Until now, I have been ignored, BUT I will not stop until I make people hear me and get to show respect for Latinos even if they are Illegal Immigrants or not. Remember, we are all humans, and we all have rights. Yo soy raza, y tu tambien. Unamonos contra la injusticia!

Noel said...

My name is Noel, I am 13 years old and I think that it is not right the way the government is treating mexicans. Both of my parents crossed the border as immigrants. After so many Mexicans have died in the war of Iraq this is how the government thanks us by making a law agains imagrints and putting a fence around the border of Mexico instead of helping us and giving us a licence or permission to work in this wonderful country.

Anonymous said...

I live in the greater Sacramento, CA area, capital of the State. Today I attended at the demonstration rally from the downtown Cathedral to the front of Capital Building today. Where were all the large latino organization leaders and members? Some were there, PICO and others, but mostly there were those who barely spoke English. The turn-out was not impresssive like in other big cities. Look at the SAC BEE front page today 3-26-06. When and where is the next rally here? We need a Big Rally! We are the capital city-there are a lot of Latinos here. Let's make it at least 250,000 people! We needed more leaders and second and third generation families rallying showing that we have made it because our parents came here for a better life, not to do anything illegal or terrorist like. Should we continue to wear white as a sign of peace? Let us know. Are there nationwide days of economic of protest? Days when Latinos-Immigrants do not spend money on ANYTHING to show we have economic power? Let's do it weekly, like on Saturdays-one of the biggest shopping days for retailers. Anyone Game? Let's show them who we are. Yours Truly in GB

Anonymous said...

Hector - Chicago
I live in Chicago and took part in the protest earlier this month. I'm surprised at the lack of media coverage on this topic, and even more surpirsed about the way the politicians are acting on this issue. The mass public is sadly under estimating the strength of the Latino Vote. A large percentage of the people protesting and in opposition of HR 4437 are US Citizens. The strength of a United Latino voice (both immigrant and citizen)has never been heard in this country.

Anonymous said...

I am a Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, and a son of 2 illegal immigrants, Houston, Tx native. I neither oppose nor defend the bill, due to the fact that IF the bill is passed, nothing will change. This bill is equivalent to a bill being passed on drugs. Drugs will always be around, no matter how hard we try, as well as many other issues, illegal immigration being one of them. Many people say that immigrants destroy our economy and are a threat on terrorism. TRUE, the U.S. spends $250 Million on social services, but why doesn't anybody bring up the fact that immigrants pay $650 million a year in taxes... or better yet, why isn't the $1.5 billion they pay in rent and mortgage being brought up? And, they say we're a threat? What about all the 9/11 attackers? All of them were LEGALLY in the U.S. But does anybody bring this up? No... of course not... the people trying to pass this bill need to get informed before they start accusing us latinos of things we are not to blame for. It's called survival of the fittest, and the latino is starting to be an intimidation in this country. BOTTOM LINE.

El Mojado said...

Does the United States government honestly beleive that this lame excuse for an attempt to change the immigration situation of today is going to have an even miniscule effect? Do these highly educated men and women which make up the government of this great nation truly think that this action will give any results. Please! How do these admirable officials expect to change and stop something that has been going on for so many years. How do they expect to change something that has been around much longer than any of them. In my opinion (if I am still allowed to have one) I beleive that
this is a mere attempt by the U.S. govt. to instill fear in the millions of illegal immigrants that reside in the U.S. today. What these government officials failed to realize is the fact that these immigrants have overcome many worse fears, for example rsiking thier lives to cross that dreaded river. I think this is a joke, this lame attempt to change American policy as served one purpose, my morning laugh.

Anonymous said...

All the illegal MEXICAN mmigrants should be deported. They bring down the quality of life in the US. They suck the finances out of the state governments. They don't assimilate to this country. They act as though they have entitlement. They embarrass the Mexicans that are legal with their stupidity. LOOK at the news interviews with all the High school kids protesting - man, what a bunch of idiots......They make us look like a stupid, lazy, race. Why didn't someone drop a bomb on downtown LA last Saturday??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All over the news today it's reported that most likely the stupidest thing the illegal immigrants could have done was get together and protest because NOW the Government has a better idea of exactly how many there are and what the REAL motives are. Before the protests last Saturday survey shows 56% of America wants the illegals deported , now after the protests, the number is up to 83%. So did they accomplish their goal? NO, now every legal American is paying close attention and they're getting mad - really MAD.
Not a single day laborer was picked up from in front of the Home Depot today - I interviewed 3 contractors who said they are DONE with using them. The McDonalds in our town has seen a 60% drop in business since Saturday and Del Taco is closing at 10PM instead of staying open all night.
Oh , did I mention my sister in law was almost killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver that ran from the accident because he had already been deported once before??
She was in a coma for 9 days and her son is now a cripple.
I'm a legal mexican by the way...

Antonio Villaragosa is an idiot too.....

Anonymous said...

Well, in response to the 14 year old girls that have children. At least don't carry out abortions like most other girls do everyday. Their families usually work and help support them. Not kill unwanted babies. Try moving to another country and not speak the language and have to settle for sub-standard jobs. For This reason alone, I hope there IS reincarnation because you are obviously not a Christian and maybe you will get your chance to feel the pain of dicrimination in some lifetime. Refer to #2-LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. You need anger management. Live in Peace.

angelica said...

Im angelica and im 17 years old ...and im mexican...and i disapprove of law law HR4437....And im reading some of those races comments ...and i think thats whats is wrong with all american "being races" ...all Immigrants give so much to this country ....and if you dont like mexicans....then you go do there hard jods you will never do... stop being stupid and realize what your saying.... without us Immigrants...american is nothing.... american was founded by Immigrants

angelica said...

i wonder why all the these people talking trash staying Anonymous..??????

Anonymous said...

I just watched the news about the california school protests today. I am sad to say that I am embarassed to be of Mexican heritage. Those kids did nothing to help our efforts. I saw them throwing gang signs to the news cameras, they were asked what they were protesting and none could answer the question. "we're just clownin' " was one girls response. This whole thing is sad.
Why were there no chinese, koreans, indians, or any other immigrants at these rallies?
Maybe we should start packing. I think we're going to lose.
Maybe not now, but sometime in the future we will lose.
Why would so many people fight for rights in a country that doesn't want them? A country that will never accept them. A country that realistically doesn't need them.The polls show it - 96% of Americans want immigration brought under control - starting with the closure of the southern border...........
If the immigration laws go in our favor you can bet it will be us Mexicans in ten years complaining about the flood of Chinese, or Koreans, or other race invading the space we fough for. You don't think there's a billion chinese that want to come here to the US?
The immigration law is to maintain a way of life, a quality of life. It's not a racist move.
After watching the news I think we should be more concerned about our uneducated, disrespectful, lazy, immature failures of parental guidance - the Hispanic youth of america.......

rocksoldier said...

More protests by students? Wow, what a way to make SURE all american legal citizens really hate us.
Why are we waving Mexican flags and yelling "Viva Mexico" when we want to become AMERICAN citizens?
If a Salvadoran was waving a Salvadoran flag in Mexico city he would be deported so fast......
If an American waved an American flag in France he would be killed probably.......
What's with the disrespect?
If we love Mexico so much.... why aren't we down there protesting the treatment of our people by our own corrupt government
and making our homeland a better place to live?
These are questions I get asked since I'm Mexican.
Look at this from the majority point of view and maybe you'll understand why we are hated by most.
It's become so uncomfortable and embarrasing that I couldn't face my co workers today........

Luis said...

Man what would this cuntry do with out us the MEXICANS man if we leave this place itll go broke but hay como quieran, pero como dijo Fox in ten years they will be begging Mexico for some immigrants we suport this country

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe this country would do fine without the MEXICANS as Luis said in the previous post.
This country is going broke because of the immigrant situation.
The money they pay in in taxes is 1/10th of what they take from the government in FREE social services. The schools are broke, the cities they populate are broke, they make up most of the working poor. The contribution is minimal at best. Not to mention the billions in dollars they earn and then send back to their home country.

Anonymous said...

I cant belive people think they are better witout us mexicans we make almoust 50% of californias population this country was our mexico before it became part of the US AND NOW THEY TRY TO TAKE US AWAY heres a little message to all you racist out there you wouldnt be nothing with out us instead of complaning about us you should put youre selves in our place i was born in the us but through my blood mexican pride runs trugh just to think that im part of racist americans is a dissapointment.

latina said...

To the person or idiot who said that mexians don't contribute and that you dont need us here, i would like to see you out in the hot sun picking cherries or working in the agricluture, im sure you couldnt hack it, where do you idiots think you guys get your crops, not because you guys can harvset them, you are just jealous because there are so many of us, and jealous because your ignorant and scared of what you dont understand and dont know. so to all you ignorant people if you want us out, you should be the first ones to pack and get out because this land belongs to the native americans, you so called white americans are theifs, whos stole thier land.

Thelma said...
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Thelma said...

I’m a proud Mexican who in 1989 along with my family I crossed the border illegally. My mother with her four kids (I was 4 yrs old at the time) gathered all her savings and paid $1,200 for each to have a “coyote” cross us to the United States. My mother who had a college degree came to the U.S. to clean houses for more than what she was making in Mexico as a Social Worker. My mother with no car walked an approximate of 2 miles to and from work every day. She WORKED 50 hours a week for $200.00. My family struggled, my sister (14yrs at the time) quit school to take care of her younger siblings and to baby-sit other kids to help my mother out financially. Meanwhile my two brothers and I went to school, yet we never took or accepted any government help, anything from a charity or anything that we did not work for and earned ourselves. Finally in 1996 we were able to get our permanent residence and no, we did not get it for free. We paid a fine each for crossing the border illegally, paid a fee for a criminal background check for each, paid an application fee and many other small “I just want your money fees”. My mother and sister ended up paying a total of $7,000.00 for our permanent residence. And even after getting or should I say buying and earning our permanent residence we never applied for Medicare, food stamps or any other government help. Luckly my family and I are very health human beans. I graduated High School and I’m currently a collage student and working at the 5th biggest Electronic company in the world (LG Electronics) as an Executive Administrative Assistant making more than I ever thought I would without a collage degree. My sister the one who was forced to drop out of school at age 14 is now an Executive Director for Mary Kay. My mother who use to clean houses for a living is now making girl’s dreams come true by planning their dream wedding. Most of my mother’s clients are Anglos yet her English is not very good but they love and appreciate my mother’s work. Just this last October I became a US Citizen and it was not free either I paid a application fee of $330.00 and a biometrics fee of $70.00. I also had to provide proof that for the last 10 years I have been a good resident of the United States. As you can see any one who becomes a permanent resident or a US Citizen has a clean/non-criminal record. Every thing my family and I have accomplished in this country is only what we have worked for very hard over the years. I have nothing against nor have any thing bad to say about non-Mexican or any other race. I love them all; we are all children of God. I have friends of every race and have respect for them all. My point is that not many Mexicans have professional jobs yet but that’s what we are working towards. There are also may Mexicans that I am a shame of but just as Anglos have their share of shame for example; the kids responsible for the Columbine shooting, Timothy McVeigh, Aileen Wuornos, and Teddy Binion just to name a few. Also African Americans have their share of shame too, we all do. But I choose to see things in a more mature way, for example because of one or a few Anglos/Mexicans/African Americans (or any other race) I will not blame the entire race. Why do you anti-immigrants hate me (a Mexican)?? Is it because I don’t give Anglo bums money when I stop at a red light and instead I buy them food. Oh!, and lets not talk about Mexico’s corrupt country because I can give you a book of how corrupt the United Stated government is and so are many other countries. Mexicans who lived in New Mexico, California, Texas, and the other states that were originally part of Mexico were not asked to become part of United States. Did United State think they were going to take this land from Mexico without the Mexicans who live in it? Before you call us ignorant again think about that for a minute and pull out your history book. I have many other points but I think I have written enough. AND EVEN THOUGH I AM A LEGAL “WETBACK” I WAS ABLE TO WRITE A MORE PROFESSIONAL COMMENT THAT THE ANTI-IMMAGRANTS WHO COMMENTED EARLIER

777sun said...

I came to the U.S. in 1977. I'm greatful that I had the opportunity to legalize in this country along with my family.
I don't agree with the HR4437 Law, I think it's harsh to any immigrant no matter from what country one is coming from. I didn't participate on the protest but I am disappointed with the young youth and the older protestors. If we want the U.S. Government to acknowledge us, first you have to have some kind of respect don't wave the Mexican Flag because Mexico has nothing to do with this. Because of Mexico that's the reason we are all here. If my people want to be part of this system then we need to act like we are part of this system! One more thing to the young youth please stay in school. Education is one of most powerful tool. Let's prove to the U.S. government that we are not just here to cause trouble put to succeed.

God bless you all! I hope God hasn't forsaken this wonderful country because of the way we have been acting. Peace Out!



Anonymous said...

The US was built by immigrants. LEGAL immigrants.......


72% feel "immigration should not increase because it will cost U.S. jobs and increase unemployment."

77% of teens feel legal immigration to the U.S. should be reduced.

80% consider it important for the federal government to track down illegal aliens living the United States.

- 66% of Republicans want less immigration.
¨ 60% of Democrats want less immigration
¨ 64% of Independents want less immigration.

Do you think illegal immigrants help or hurt the U.S. economy? * 1,455,848 responses
Help - 29%
Hurt - 71%

73% of Californians say they are concerned to some degree about illegal immigration, with forty-three percent being "extremely concerned."

83% of American IMMIGRANT voters, or the children or grandchildren of immigrants, say illegal immigration is a serious problem.


I wasn't able to find anything that was supportive......
current polls show that last saturdays protests actually did more damage than good. Newspapers say that now the awareness is increased as to how many illegals there actually are in the US and now show the problem is more severe than originally thought.
The news coverage has only made more people opposed to immigration/immigrants and now the Senators are getting floods of calls and mail opposing immigration.
The result is a delay in the debate at the senate.

Anonymous said...


Should a wall be built along the U.S.-Mexico border?

Yes 56%

No 44%

MONDAY 3/27/06

Should a wall be built along the U.S.-Mexico border?

Yes 84%

No 16%

see the difference the protests made..........

Anonymous said...

assorted newpaper quotes from accross the US
"Someone needs to tell these protestors that if you want someone to do you a favor you don't insult them first. Waving American flags would have done more for their cause than shouting "Viva Mexico" and waving Mexican flags. One student in LA said he had no desire to be an American citizen because he could get everything free and be Mexican. Bite the hand that feeds you and then ask for favors... yep only in America. Try this is any other country and you'd be on the first bus,plane, boat out of there!"

"There cannot be meaningful immigration reform without figuring out how to reasonably deal with the millions of illegal aliens already in this country, and more importantly with the hordes of Americans who hire them. Lay off these kids. They have no control over where they are and who their parents are. All they have done is call attention to the fact that as a nation we have failed to come up with and enforce a smart immigration policy, and that our government's failure has led to a mass of angry, alienated people who just want to live their lives without being scared anymore. We have no one to blame but our government for ignoring immigration policy and failing to enforce border and hiring laws for the sake of profit. Now our government -- and we ourselves -- must figure out a way to deal with the aftermath in a humane way. Three cheers to these kids -- the peaceful majority of them, at least -- for showing people that. There is nothing more American than what happened yesterday."

Hector Gonzales wrote on March 27, 2006 9:18 PM:"The United States of America authorized an unconditional blanket amnesty in 1986. The amnesty was conditioned upon it being the last and final amnesty. There is no reason that we should be discussing another blanket amnesty 20 years later. All illegal aliens should be rounded up and immediately deported, period. End of story. Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!"

"Where was INS yesterday and Sunday? The streets were flooded with illegals all over the southland and not one was approached by INS. Why isn't the media telling the truth about the protestors? They are here ILLEGALLY protesting in our streets about OUR laws that throw them out of OUR country. If Iraquis were protesting in our streets, homeland security would have rounded them all up and shipped them home! But no -- because its latinos--a voting block our politicians are trying to win--our police force stands on the sidelines watching them violate our laws. Remember--those people that were in the streets protesting are here illegally. They have no right to protest here and their complaints are irrelevant. Why did our police sit by and do nothing about this? That's why we need the new laws cracking down on this garbage. Instead of pandering to their "message" the media should have turned its back on them and refused to publish the stories. Recall the latest polls, the overwhelming census amoung the legal voting public is that we want the borders closed and the immigration laws enforced! The opinion of the illegal immigrant community about the new laws is irrelevant to the rest of us law abiding citizens. "

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Do these people actually think they can scare away immigrants by threatening to lock them up in prison and give them a criminal background. Come on we are talking about people that risk their lives everyday by crossing the desert and for the immigrants that come from central and south america is a greater risk but they don't really care about their lives when it comes down to providing a better life for their family and loved ones. So, NO! I don't think this new bill, law or proposition is going to stop anyone. I say walk a mile in a immigrants shoes and you'll be able to understand why we are here and what he have to go through to get here, and may add there is no way you are getting all immigrants out of the US.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the US was built by legal immigrants when there were no laws back then?

Andi said...

I am glad to see a supportive website that isn't totally against immigrants, in particular Mexicans. I am an American woman married to a Mexican man who entered illegally in 1999. He and I met in late 2000 and were married by 2003. His is a good man. Took care of my children, provided a home for me, and dreams of a future. He voluntarily deported in 2004 as per terms of the DHS paperwork that we filed and has been there ever since. He was denied reentry and given a ten year bar for his presence in this country illegally as well as for a traffic stop that he was involved in in 2004. He was not even the driver in that traffic stop, he was a passenger. Because there were other illegal people in the car and because he was in the front seat, the police report reflects him as being a coyote. The judge at the Consulate Office in Ciudad Juarez called him a pollero. He was just a passenger, not the driver. There were never any charges or fines or tickets issued against him, just a few lines written by the police officer who pulled them over. Those few lines have changed my life for ever. Do I get a divorce? Do I ask him to come back illegally and risk penalties for me, my children, and parents? Do I leave my children here to the care of a lazy and easily distracted white man? Do I run away with my kids and disappoint my parents for risking everything by doing so? Or do I wait in solitude and poverty for ten years for this man of my dreams? Do I ask him to wait for me for ten years? Is it possible? He deserves a family and children of his own. You see, we waited to have children together until all of the paperwork was in order and now look where we are. Only memories of each other and nothing tangible to hold on to. And let me address this issue of taxes-all of the undocumented workers who pay into the system and then turn around at the end of the year and don't file them are the ones losing out. The IRS gets all of the money that goes unclaimed and unrefunded at the end of every year, so do not kid yourselves any longer. They are paying taxes, they are paying bills, and they are making better lives for those of us American women who have been left behind by the white race for one reason or another.

Minerva S. said...

I think thats stupid if they try to take us all out and punish those who "help" because we will all be screwed, what are they gonna do take out MOST of the peOple in this country?!?!?! we had a protest at our school a civilized one and were on tv. If they take us out who will do the jobs that the stupid "others" don't want. All we want is a chance in life and a chance for the children, risking their lives to come to this beutiful contry. AAAAHHH!!!!!! it just gets me so mad, why does it have to be this way?!?!? Well we are not going down, and believe me we are gonan fight back!!!!!!!STUPID IGNORANT BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Think of the the children!!You monsters.

Anonymous said...

AFL-CIO chief criticizes guest worker plans
WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's largest labor organization on Tuesday criticized plans to expand guest worker programs for immigrants seeking to come to the United States, parting company with longtime Senate Democratic allies who pushed successfully to include them in broad-based immigration legislation.
"Guest worker programs are a bad idea and harm all workers," AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said in a statement released the day after the Senate Judiciary Committee cleared an immigration bill. "They cast workers into a perennial second-class status, and unfairly put their fates into their employers' hands."
"Guest worker programs "encourage employers to turn good jobs into temporary jobs at reduced wages and diminished working conditions and contribute to the growing class of workers laboring in poverty,"
he House has yet to pass legislation dealing with immigration issues involving workers, although it has approved a bill that calls for building a fence along 700 miles of the border with Mexico.Te debate is increasingly heated as more than 60% of the house of representatives appears to be swaying back towards the original outline of the bill HR 4437. America continues to offer hope of a better life to many in the world ,however that could all change, and not for the better if anything less that HR4437 is passed.

Anonymous said...

you know .... I think people really need to start paying attention to what people are saying i'm a latina and my parents didn't enter illegaly but, my husbands parents did ..... I don't agree with everything about the prop but with some facts yes .... don't get me wrong a lot of people do come out here and work hard for a better life and yet a lot come down to get the free help (foodstamps, medi-cal welfare).... Its sad how a lot of people in this world doesn't know what is going on and are just followers If your going to protest ,make sure u know what it is about before u make your culture look stupid on television... I agree with previous comments ignorant kids who couldn't even answer there reason why or throughing up gang signs how stupid.... You just make yourself and others look stupid and make some people decide that we should pass this prop due to your ignorance. Also its just not about Mexicans its about every illegal immigrant but, yet u guys make it seem like its just about Mexicans. Yoy know I would say they need to make some modifications to this prposed bill and not deport everyone, or make it a fraud or a felony ..... But do get rid of the people who hurt or economy rather then the ones who are helping us out.Get rid of the lazy ones who absue and take advantage of our system and what the U.S has to offer .

Anonymous said...

I agree. Before you start going down an american street, burning an american flag, saying you are the rightful owners of this land, pissing off hundreds of millions of americans who voted to let you in to work and have a better life in the first place, before you, like they did in Whittier, hang the american flag upside down, under the mexican flag (which is the flag of the country who places it's people in poverty in the first place), before you go slap us all in the face for giving you assistance with our taxes, before you all go scare the crap out of us like you're going to try and take over........realize we do write our senators, we do write our congressmen....we do contact our president....we also have a voice. Saturdays protest was not peaceful, and most all of us know it. Nice job, those who protested saturday have made a mockery of the entire hispanic (now viewed as) supremist race.

Anonymous said...

Many People I know are immigrants. I was born a U.S. citizen and appreciate the chance my mother gave me to have a better life.HR4437 is a lazy ass way to have more space. This "law" is unethical an is the opposite of what the country was founded on "Life liberty & property". How can we accept this as true if there are so many laws that oppose americas basic wrights. In addition what will happen to the children of immigrantsif this law passes? Not every immmigrant is a stereotype of what people believe is an immigrant. HR4437 is one of the most racist laws in united States History. I am a high school student trying to make use of what america has given immigrants. Unfortunately the government is trying to take away what we work so hard for. America used to be a great country but now this counrtry is the worst it ha ever been. Immigrants do all the jobs that many Americans are afraid to do or are scared to do. It really is a tragedy to what this country is coming to. The war in Iraq should'v been over by now, but Bush is taking his sweet time trying to make those people suffer.
Saddam is already captured and war might as wellbe over. Bush just a man who is pitifully discriminating against people of other races. A week ago i heard of a white man who broke apart a store just because the owner was from the afghan area. The person who is trying to pass this law is just like that man, a pityful sad racist excuse of a man.I truly believe that immigrants should be allowed to stay here because most immigrants are hardworking people who deserve a chance to be here

Hell on earth said...

come on guys stop the racism and the fightind and all of that you're doing..i'm talking in general not just americans or hispanics or whatever...just make your money go back and build a business and leave this country to it's luck and let's see what happens..if they go and beg mexico for laboresrs then take that chance to build your business higher and by doing that you'll be making mexico or other country greater and stayin in our homeland and live happy without the need to be invading or makin htese poor little white boys who just want office work feel bad...come on raza let's all start thinkin for our all rule...!!! como dijo saul hernandez " recuerda que, tu raza, tienes alas..!!!

Anonymous said...

All Latinos are asked not to go to school or work Thursday, April 13, 2006! Why? To prove U.S. Ain’t anything without us.

It’s important that they know that we make great contributions to this country. We’re not here to take any jobs or anything, we’re here to be able to give our contributions that make the United States what it is, Yes, I was born in American, but I have blood of a Salvadorian, and PROUND to be a LATINO.

So please, on April 13, 2006 represent your roots.


Anonymous said...

If any of us at my company don't show up for work on April 13th - we will be jobless on the 14th.
Companies are already preparing for this by putting ads in the paper.
I think it could be a mistake. In my town i've heard of other companies saying that if this happens it gives them good reason to hire new people.
Also, I can see that the American citizens will become even more resentful towards immigrants.
You should listen to talk radio nationwide. There are a lot of pissed off people, including immigrants, that are mad about how the protests, especially the student ones, have made them look.
seriously - how stupid is burning an american flag on TV and flying a mexican flag on your school.

Anonymous said...

I am a Hispanic male born in Texas (3rd generation) but I must tell you I am totally disgusted with what I have seen recently here in LA and across the country. My wife and I were watching a movie on HBO the other day called Walkout and I turned to her and said “History will repeat itself” sure enough within a week this happens. I do not understand what part of “illegal” people do not understand. I am just blown away at the stupidity of some of fellow “raza”.

Anonymous said...

First, there is no such thing as a "latino" race. There is no such thing as an "hispanic" race. Both terms are contrived and used solely for census purposes. There is no such country as "latinolandia" and Hispaniola is technically half of an island in the Caribbean.

Second, I am not nor will I ever be part of "La Raza." Nor do I agree or support their current protests. Some of you may, but I do not.

Third, I have never and will never, despite having many issues with the government of the United States throughout the years, burn a flag of the United States of America. I am Cuban by birth, American by the grace of God. And a darned proud, dignified, thankful and respectful American.

Fourth, while I certainly sympathize with the Mexican people for their country's economic and social troubles, I refuse to be lumped together as a class or a race simply because we speak a similar language. If Mexicans and Mexican-Americans had wanted my support, then they should have supported the cause of a free and democratic Cuba, instead of the majority and at times the Mexican government having sided with and legitimizing the government of fidel castro.

Fifth, there is a difference between a Cuban living in the United States and a Mexican living in the United States. One is a political refugee and the other is an immigrant, respectively. When Mexicans are being oppressed and have their basic human rights trampeled on by their government as Cubans do, then perhaps my opinion will change, until then, the aforementioned difference stands.

Mexicans and Mexican-Americans may very well have legitimate gripes with the government of the US, but as La Raza, the flags they are burning and flying up-side down below the Mexican flag do not speak for me. I aint Mexican, I aint Latino and I aint Hispanic. I am an American of Cuban descent. And damned proud of it.

Anonymous said...

The rallies in Southern California only ripped the lid off of a well-known dynamic in the culture that mixes native guilt with radical illegal-immigrant activism to fuel the La Raza dream of Aztlan, the reconquest of the the Southwest and its return to Mexico or existence as a separate nation. This radical notion has been around since 1969 and plays a part in the fringe politics of the Southwest. However, the increasing sense of entitlement for illegals in the area has led this impulse out of the shadows and into the forefront of the amnesty movement by enabling people to argue that the illegals are returning to their own land and that the US lacks the sovereignty to declare otherwise.
If the illegals and their support groups think this will win over the American people, they are very much mistaken. If they think they can intimidate Congress into action with these demonstrations ... they have, and it's not going in their favor......

Anonymous said...

There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.

Anonymous said...

El Mexicano,
this note is to all that are in favor of HR4437. The reason why the US economy hasn't gone into a recession is because of the cheap labor thAT MEXICANS PROVIDE FOR THOSE LAZY AMERICANS THAT WON'T GET OF THEIR ASS. I'm Mexican and very proud of it,I was brought here at the age of 1 and until today my family has done it's share of paying taxes and buying a HOUSE in San Diego. A place where most Americans can't even afford to rent in. I'm 19, I attend college and drive a 2005 BMW, 1998 Porsche, and a 1968 Ford Mustang. I came to the US to become somebody and to have other Americans work for me, so trust me you will see me protesting against HR4437!!!!!!!

Andi said...

How can loyalty be confined to land that we walk on, pee on, shit on, tear down, rebuild, and lose to natural disasters? I think anonymous timed at 11:50 is missing the whole idea of humanity. Loyalty is to family and friends. Those that you have gained a mutual respect and admiration for. For people born into other cultures than the white culture to not be able to celebrate their heritage is not only a removal of their basic human rights, but it is a judgement that assumes that one is better than the other and you my friend are not the one to make that judgement. There is no human being alive that may pass that judgement. Save the real judgements for the One who knows what He is doing.

Anonymous said...

We are students from Phoenix, AZ and we disagree with the proposition hr4437. I truly believe that if is passed they will not send immigrants to jail. There is about 12 million immigrants, do you believe the United States has enough jails to put them all in? If they do pass hr4437 they will lose a lot of money. In Atlanta, Georgia they lost over a million dollars, just on a day were latinos did'nt work.
I agree with one of the guys that was saying that Mexicans do the jobs that Americans don't want to do. I've never seen an American working more than 8 hours all day out in the sun. Though what I do see is Americas asking for money on the street, instead of asking for work like the Latino Americans do. If they consider us immigrants, then they are immigrants too, because the Indians were here first than the Americans. Anyways, to summarize everything up I invite everyone to not go to work on April the 10th so the president can see how much the economy is affected without us. I want to tell the students to go to school instead of protesting. Show all the American's how much they need us.

Lament said...

This is weird, I can understand why they protest because they do have a right to live here, they also do support us and those who say "They took our jobs" only say it because they couldn't get off their fat ass till other people from other countries come and get them...hell if there weren't any latinos in my school like the crazymexy (codename) our lives would be boring so how can you say that they don't belong here, no one really does except the N. Americans but hell even they don't get respect

Anonymous said...

I hope this law HR4377 isn't passed because no one would see any american out there in the fields picking food for long hours the only people out there are the latinos so the US would lose a lot of workers and NO ONE ELSE would want to go out there at 5 or 6 in the morning and do it. I'm a latina and PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having just read everyone's comments I must say that I am more than a little upset.I am currently writting a research paper opposing hr4437 and thought that this may be a good place to get a little perspective. I think that many of you that have responded on this page need to take a deep breath and consider what you are saying. I understand that everyone is upset, indeed, I am also.This bill is rascist, it would harm many hardworking individuals who have come to this country looking for a chance, and yes immigrant workers are more often than not underpaid, doing jobs that no one wants to do...but come on.responding with racist remarks, saying that no american would get up at 5 in the morning to work,that's not going to help matters.Please try to put yourself in the position of those that you are critising.When I started out reading these posts I was behind you 100%. Now that I am finished reading I have been called lazy, fat, a thief,racist,jealous, ignorant...I'm still behind you 100% but what happens if someone reads this that doesn't understand where you're coming from? What would happen if someone who was without an opinion on the subject came here(or any other similar site)looking for some background on the subject? Do you really think that this is the way to rally americans for support? I do not support the way that people of color,people who are "different" are treated in this country but I would suggest that this is not the way to change it. I would urge you to choose your words carefully,not because I disagree with them but because repect and candour is the way to win this battle.
I have written all appropriate officials in opposition to this bill.

I am at work at 3:30 am 6 days a week. I go to college 4 days a week.
I go back do work after school.
I have paid for my schooling with out help, from money that I worked and saved for.
My husband works 65-75 hours a week.

We are both white americans...

Anonymous said...

I'am 17 years old and i don't agree with this law.I'am worried angry and have all this different hate.Why are people so ignorant?All those people who are legal now who came from other countries are supporting the HR4437.Why?You where once here as an immigrant and just because you have papers now you can't support your people.Another thing people don't see.Who is going to pick up the fruit from the hot sun at 100 degrees hot out there?I 'am for sure not going to see a white man/woman killing themselves in a field out there.Why?Because they have "education".I want to see all those people against the law go on the other side of the border and judge from over there.How would they feel to see all those people starving because there's no way to support your family.We all have needs and that's why we want to be in this country.I was born here and i'am against that law because if that law where to pass awhat would America be without the immigrants?IT WOULD DEFFINETLY BE SCREWED!!!Everyone nows this but no one wants to recognized it.So all you STUPID people who are supporting this law...I want to see you killing yourselves in the sun...why?Because we are all going to be gone.Think about it, maybe America is overpopulated, but we all need to accept reality and see that we really need all these people here.

Anonymous said...

This is not an issue of race.
The United States government is not white.
Americans WOULD take the jobs that illegal immigrants hold, but they would require higher wages as well as benefits.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is around 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. What do you think will happen if companies like Qwest, Cox, Albertons, Food City, Ranch Market, Verizon, Blockbuster, Walmart, Target, Etc. loose 11 million clients? What do you think will happen to schools or the faculty if they loose 11 million students? I mean think about it day laborers are not the only illegal workers believe it or not they are everywhere (where you work, where you shop, in school, in your neighborhood EVERYWHERE)I agree that people (both legal and illegal)are just frustrated and things are getting out of hand with the whole situation and i'll also agree that maybe some students are taking the wrong approach and sending the wrong message but they're kids and kids do irrational things all the time regardless of race, color or status in this country. And also this bill isn't just about MEXICANS is about all illegal immigrants regardless of where you are from and about having friends, family members or just caring about someone who doesn't have a legal status in this country. I love my parents, my family and friends and i can't imagine someone telling me not to help or aid them if they have a problem because of their status.

Micaela Hernandez said...

I say no to HR4437 I am half mexican and half white my dad is mexican and my mom is white I see how hard it is for my dad. it is hard for me because i am not legal intil im 18. i really think this is mest up because you are never going to see americans do all the jobs that mexicans and latinos do I am 16 years old and go through racism all the time .Im tired of the the things us mexicans and latinos go through.this should stop and the HR4437 should not be approved.

Micaela Hernandez said...

I say no to HR4437 I am half mexican and half white my dad is mexican and my mom is white I see how hard it is for my dad. it is hard for me to because i am not legal intil im 18. i really think this is mest up because you are never going to see americans do all the jobs that mexicans and latinos do I am 16 years old and go through racism all the time .Im tired of the the things us mexicans and latinos go through.this should stop and the HR4437 should not be approved.

Anonymous said...

If you are against HR4437 log on to WWW.April10.Org

SALVI said...

Oh please people...
First of all major problem with people here in the U.S. is racism. I hate how everyone focuses this HR4437 only on "Mexicans". I am a hispanic born here in Los Angeles CA but my parents came here from central america (El Salvador/Guatemala). I am a proud american and im always for what ever is going to improve the U.S. But this HR4437 is full of it. Sometimes i cant believe the kind of people we have working in the white house, government, congress etc... This affects all the races of this planet even the americans. Actually let me refrase that "especially the americans". I realize that theres has been many bad examples of immigrants in the U.S. but this is not the way to solve problems. Come on people open your eyes stop being racist we all need each other. You ignorant people grow up... you guys dont know what these people have been through just to be where they are at. Whos gona feed you guys, do your gardening, wash your cars, do the cleaners, build your cities, pick the fruits, clean your pools, fix your cars, take care of your kids, keep your house clean,fight and die for you in Irap or other wars, do all the dirty and hard work you americans wont dare or have the guts to do....???? we're not giving up. "La raza unida jamas sera vencida"

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the Rep. who wrote the Bill (Sensebrenner) put in an Ammendment to the Bill that would have removed the "Felony Clause" from it? The DEMOCRATS shot it down with 191 Democrats voting NO (allowing the Felony Clause to remain). The same Democrats who now use that section of the Bill to show how "unfair" and "racist" it is.
Your being played for a fool.
Here is a link to the Bill. Click on "Amendments" and its number 656 (19 of 32).

Duke1676 said...

Dear anonymous,

you have posted numerous times about amendment 656, and have contiually misrepresented it.

Sensenbrenner did not float an amendment to "remove the felony cluase" as you keep saying but rather to:

"reduce the maximum sentences in the bill for illegal entry and unlawful presence to six months"

those two crimes would still be classified as agravated felonies... this is why the Democrats oppossed the measure.To vote for 656 would in effect be voting to keep the "felony clause"

please stop misrepresenting this vote.

Anonymous said...

why dont they just leave things how they were? mexicans come here and try to live a better life than what they had in Mexico and all you want to do is kick us out...that aint going to happen

Anonymous said...

we need mexicans, but they need to have their papers the U.S. wouldn't be passing no bill if they took the time to get their papers. working under the table is not going to get you anywhere. PAPERS PEOPLE AND HAVE RESPECT FOR THE AMERICANS. YOU ARE COMING TO OUR COUNTRY AND EXPECT TO BE TREATED RIGHT WHEN YOU DRIVE AROUND AND TRY TO TAKE OUR LITTLE SISTERS NO!!!!! GET YOUR PAPERS

Mario.G said...

This bill is to stiffin penalities around illegal immigration. I feel this bill represents a form of racist oppression that would permit racial profilling. Many people fail to acknowledge that mexicans or ( Illegal immigrants) are the back bone of manuel labor. We also fail to acknowledge that we are living in the land of immigrants, and we all have the wrong attitude about who has the right to be here. I feel immigrants do deserve many equal rights, and access to many of our resources, after all that they give to the this US society, by doing manuel labor that many high class americans would never do.
-Proud Latino!!

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that we cannot sit back and do nothing. If we do - we deserve worse than we get. But can the Republican Party be reformed by simply finding new candidates? I know Democrats that are vastly disappointed with the direction of their party, too. Personally, I figure the system is broken. I think our Founding Fathers would be heartsick to see the extent of corruption within our two party system - it’s like a grandiose house that has rotted from the foundation up. It would be best to tear it down and build something new and rock-solid on the foundation our forefathers built.

I am not prepared to give Bush a free pass by comparing him to our previous do-nothing Presidents. Never has there been a time in history when we have faced the sheer glut of problems rooted in the invasion of illegals - we’re at 20 million or more - twice what the government will admit to. Never have we faced the crises of a foreign government managing our internal domestic policies, or our own government actively undermining our own laws, hamstringing our law enforcement, and refusing to listen to the majority of the American people. The American people have spoken - but nobody is listening!

Bush is the leader of the Republican Party. If he did the right thing, our majority-Republican Congress would follow. End of story - mission accomplished. Since he WON’T do the right thing, he puts those elected officials in the vulnerable and dangerous place of having to go against the entire executive branch in order to do what their people demand. As we’ve already seen, there’s few of them that are man enough to do that. And that’s what Bush is banking on! He’s the one risking his own party, not those who abandon the Republican Party because it no longer speaks for them!

I think the Anchoress’ defensive position is much more dangerous to the Republican Party than anything else: “How is one man supposed to do what countless others haven’t?” That alone is a losing proposition! She asks what all the other presidents did about illegal immigration. Well, here are several extenuating points to ponder about that:

1) we’ve never had 20-28 MILLION illegals before
2) we never had a 9/11 before
3) we were not at war
4) those Presidents didn’t promise the entire country that nothing mattered to them as much as our national security. Bush did.

The Republicans know that conservatives can’t go anywhere else without risking the liberals taking control. I think Republicans count on the fact that conservatives are trapped, and they abuse it. Republicans caution rebellious conservatives by reminding them of how fourteen years ago, disaffected voters split the vote between Bush 41 and Perot. “Look what happened,” they mourn, “we got eight years of Clinton.” Republicans paint those independents as having sabotaged the election. Yet, what was the best candidate they could field against an incumbent Clinton in 1996? Bob Dole? C’mon - that’s the best they could do? Losing two elections to the likes of Bubba Clinton is not the fault of the Independent voter - it’s the result of a weak-willed Republican Party. They handed those elections to Clinton with a big red bow on top! That alone tells me they don’t have what it takes to survive a reformation - they play it way too safe.

Today, we can’t elect third-rate leaders just because we’re voting against a floridly silly Al Gore or a treasonous John Kerry - who feels good about that?! Voting for the lesser of two evils, to vote against the worse candidate, is not the way any Republican or Democrat can hope to win an election. Neither party is any longer representing the American people, but rather big money interests and powerful small interest lobbies. Elections are a big money game. Though an Independent Perot couldn’t win with his millions 14 years ago, he may have just been well ahead of his time. Here we are a decade and a half later, and millions of us are actively looking for a candidate with a spine of steel and an unswerving loyalty to the American people and the sovereignty of our homeland! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready! There needs to be a radical overthrow of the rotten parties currently in control.

There’s a confluence of circumstances that may make possible today what was impossible 14 years ago - field a powerful Independent that truly represents the American people. I’ve heard people caution that we can’t afford to be single-issue voters. I beg to differ - when it comes to our national sovereignty, nothing is more important. Illegal immigration and Mexico’s meddling in our domestic affairs are the greatest threat to our national sovereignty that our generation has ever seen. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can handle the gravity of the problem - they’ve already proven that to their everlasting shame.

It’s time to throw them all out - the spirit of the American Revolution burns deeps inside many of us. It’s time to ignite that fire and accomplish what lesser men and women have deemed impossible.

rocksoldier said...

Not everyone breaking into America is coming here to pick lettuce and fulfill the American dream.
Here are some facts you should know:

40% of all workers in L.A. County (L.A. County has 10 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This was because they are predominantly illegal immigrants, working without a green card.

95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

Over 2/3’s of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

Nearly 25% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

The FBI reports 60% of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

Nearly 70% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.

21 radio stations in L.A. are Spanish speaking.

In L.A.County 5.1 million people speak English. 3.9 million speak Spanish (10.2 million people in L.A.County).

(All 10 from the Los Angeles Times)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops but 29% are on welfare.

Over 70% of the United States annual population growth (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York) results from immigration.

The cost of illegal immigration to the American taxpayer in 1997 was a NET (after subtracting taxes immigrants pay) $80 BILLION a year, [Professor Donald Huddle, Rice University].

The lifetime fiscal impact (taxes paid minus services used) for the average adult Mexican immigrant is a NEGATIVE.

29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

Just thought you should know the facts.......

Anonymous said...

There's no question America has been under an invasion by criminals (illegal aliens) crossing the border from Mexico into these united States of America.

There's no question Congress has sat on their worthless backsides for over two decades and have allowed these criminals to not only smuggle themselves into our country, they have refused to remove federal judges who have ignored the U.S. Constitution, thumbing their noses at the voters in the State of California by giving "rights" to criminals. Criminals (illegal aliens, not "immigrants") have no constitutional rights. For federal or state judges to grant them anything other than immediate deportation should be answered with removal of that judge because they are lawbreakers who are not upholding their oath of office.

There's no question these criminals have filled up prisons all across this country for offenses like gang rape, murder, burglary, identity theft and many other violations of the law. We know that Mexico is also being used as a primary route for terrorists being smuggled across the border.

There's no question organizations like LaRaza among others, should have already been indicted for sedition for openly advocating the overthrow of our government and doing everything in their power to "reclaim" the four border states as part of Mexico. There's no question that the leadership of these seditious organizations and their followers are racists and that includes dozens of elected public officials in Southern California and in the California Legislature.

There's no question that these almost 20 million criminals (illegal aliens) are destroying our schools, including colleges, as well as driving hospitals out of business with free medical care.

There's no question these criminals are bringing diseases wholesale into this country including AIDS. The restaurant and hotel industry is inundated with foreign workers, who knows how many are illegals. Food handlers and servers are an excellent way to spread disease. I don't eat in any "fast food" restaurants and I avoid going out to dinner unless I'm on the road.

As I have said in so many columns, it doesn't matter how nice an illegal alien may be as a person, if they smuggle their way across our border in violation of our immigration laws, they are criminals and entitled to nothing but deportation.

The political animals who serve in Congress and new world order facilitator, George Bush, Jr., refuse to remove bad federal judges who continue to rule illegals are "entitled" to free education, health care and other goodies. Banks in this country are openly courting criminals (illegal aliens) and giving them home mortgage loans in violation of federal law while the Department of Justice, now run by someone of Mexican ancestry, refuses to indict these bank officials. Is it any wonder these criminals are sneaking across the border by the thousands every night? With all these perks and enticements, the invasion has been an overwhelming success.

it's time to take a stand.....

Carla Alcocer said...

As I awake from a dream that torments me, I sit in the couch quiet, with my mind not all there: wondering if it is only a dream, I cry bloody tears. Tears that do not only stain my soul, run through those who share with me the pain of being an immigrant. Staining like ink with no cure, demonstrates the deepness of the pain. A deepness that could not be fully understood by those who did not experienced the hardship we had to go through. Immigrant is our name. The painted vision that was given to many Mexicans did not followed up as a fairytale. Riches, opportunity to succeed, were beyond the immigrants reach, but the state offered them something their country could not guarantee: survival. We are the children of the blue-collar present and upcoming future. Complaining is out of our limits because we only wish to make a fair wage to support our family. Many of us came to California involuntary, yet with the purpose of becoming something our parents did not have a chance to do; to get education was our destination. We were asleep in a nightmare where we, the immigrants, were the victims of discrimination, but as soon we escape the bad guy, we returned to our routine. Until a denigrating proposition that threatened our future woke us up alerting us to take action. A law that would punish us as criminals for coming to this country and for taking on a risk- an exquisite opportunity that offered us open handed a possibility to live a better life than we would had in our own motherland. As we arouse we roar. Unchaining ourselves from a nightmare we took action and open the hottest topic of 2006, immigration. On foot for a vision was our mission. We the immigrants of this state decided to let our voice our dignity, and most importantly our contribution to this country show loud and proud. We walked peacefully through the streets that nurture us and give us our living wage; just to prove Americans that we are worthy human beings that deserve a chance- to demonstrate them that we are able to succeed like any other individual. We want to be part of their plans, life, country, but most importantly their future. Lazy advantage seekers may be our nicknames but for the record we do contribute to this country. On May 1, 2006 there was a boycott that showed many Americans that we do give to this country. As if I had toothpicks holding my eyes open, preventing them from falling into a fantasy, I took a deeper look around me, and realize I was not the only one fighting for our rights, our dignity, and for humanity. My tears are being felt by many other immigrants that are going through the same or worst situations that I am, and whose weep has touched and drop over someone else’s shoulder, a burden that those who infected by the sob could no longer ignore the discrimination, but only has the ability to contaminate another with humanity.

Anonymous said...

Cubans Hide in Mexico Embassy

Twenty-one Cubans remained holed up in the Mexican Embassy on Thursday after plowing through the gates with a stolen bus. Cuba's government blamed an exile-run U.S. government radio station for repeatedly quoting a Mexican official as saying the embassy's doors ``are open.''

By the evening, Mexican officials were seeking a solution to the standoff in separate talks with the Cubans in the embassy and with Cuban officials in Havana, said Gloria Abella, Mexico's Foreign Department spokeswoman.

``The matter will be resolved in two to three days,'' she told The Associated Press in Mexico City.

Mexican officials were discussing the matter ``in the sense that those young people leave the embassy and do not face problems,'' Abella said.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Jorge Castaneda said Thursday that standoff began after his words were taken out of context by ``radicals'' in Miami who ``no doubt wanted to use, to distort, my declarations.''

Castaneda told Radio Red that reports in Miami had confused two separate statements he made there while opening a Mexican Cultural Center. He said he declared the center's ``doors are open to the entire Latino community in Miami'' while also saying that Mexico itself was open to Cuban dissidents.

He said Mexican officials were trying to persuade the Cubans to leave and they had not asked for asylum. Castaneda also indicated it was unlikely they would get Mexican visas.

Mexico has asked Cuba to bring in ``a large deployment of public forces'' to prevent an event like the one Wednesday night from happening again, Castaneda told Radio Red in Mexico City. ``We will not permit it.''

There were 21 Cuban men inside the mission Thursday, other Mexican officials said on condition they not be named. They described the situation inside as ``calm'' and said the Cubans had received food and medical attention.

Gustavo Irruegas, the No. 2 man for Mexico's Foreign Ministry, arrived at the embassy at Thursday afternoon along with Andres Ordonez, the embassy's acting chief of mission. They did not speak with reporters.

In a statement Thursday, Fidel Castro's government called the reports from Radio Marti a ``gross provocation'' that led listeners to believe that Mexico would grant refuge to any Cuban who showed up. Operated largely by Cuban exiles in Miami, Radio Marti beams anti-Castro news, talk shows and other programs to the island.

``Castro blames us anytime anything happens. He has to blame somebody,'' said Salvador Lew, director of the Miami-based station. ``The Cuban people will go to any place, even a movie, to escape the Cuban system.''

During a visit to Miami this week, Castaneda was quoted by news media there as saying ``the doors of the embassy of Mexico on the island are open to all Cuban citizens.''

The Cuban government said Radio Marti rebroadcast that statement at least eight times on Thursday. It accused the station of provoking the embassy invasion with the repeated broadcasts, which it said were interpreted as ``an open invitation to occupy the Mexican Embassy in Cuba.''

In Miami, Radio Marti officials denied the allegations Thursday. ``Radio Marti did not manipulate Castaneda's message,'' said Wilfredo Granados, the station's chief of reporters and correspondents.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the administration was confident that the Mexican government would find a solution which pays due regard to humanitarian concerns and to its international obligations.

``We note that in a similar case, in 1993, the Cubans who had entered the Mexican Embassy were permitted to leave Cuba,'' Boucher said.

The incident, he said, underscores the need for change in Cuba. ``Cubans would not seek entry to foreign embassies if they had an opportunity to choose their own government...They wouldn't have to go through the wall if they were allowed to go to the front door.''

Mexican President Vicente fox spoke with Castro about the situation by telephone Thursday, said Fox spokeswoman Gloria Abella. She said talks between the two countries are aimed at ``getting these young people to leave our embassy.''

The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation said in a statement that it hoped Cuba and Mexico could reach a ``negotiated and humane solution'' ensuring the would-be emigres do not suffer persecution in their homeland.

The group, however, denounced the forced entry into the embassy saying,``it puts at risk their own lives and those of agents of authority, journalists and other innocent people.''

Confusion reigned around the embassy on Thursday, with a small trickle of people showing up hoping to enter the two-story mission.

Accompanied by a neighbor, Margarita Gonzalez, 52, approached a police officer guarding a street leading to the embassy and said she understood ``Mexico is approving departures and I want to leave.''

``I have my reasons: my grandchildren, my nieces and nephews, my brothers in the United States,'' Gonzalez said.

The chaotic scene outside Mexico's mission on Wednesday night evoked memories of 1980, when Cubans crashed a bus into the gate of the Peruvian Embassy and sought asylum. In the dispute that followed, Cuba withdrew its guards, prompting about 10,000 people to flood the mission grounds.

Castro then opened the port of Mariel, and 125,000 Cubans - including those who had been in the Peruvian Embassy - fled to the United States in a chaotic boat exodus.

Overnight Wednesday, scores of police and state security agents shut down all traffic for blocks around the embassy. Several truckloads of pro-government workers, some carrying wooden sticks or metal pipes, pulled up near the embassy early Thursday.

An unspecified number of people were detained and many more were stopped, questioned and searched. The police presence had waned considerably by sunrise, however.

The government statement said the occupation of the Mexican Embassy took place about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday when a group of about 20 ``anti-social elements'' hijacked a bus and slammed into the embassy gates.

Cuban officials said at least one of the gate crashers was injured and taken away for medical treatment.

Castro arrived at the scene shortly after midnight Thursday to assess the situation and was cheered by more than 100 Cuban bystanders. Traveling in a group of three military jeeps, Castro was accompanied by Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque and Vice President Carlos Lage, among others.

There have been similar rushes on foreign embassies in Havana by Cubans seeking to leave the country, but not in the last few years.

In 1997, hundreds of pro-government workers and students blocked access to the Spanish Embassy after rumors that Spain would grant a large number of visas to Cuba. Would-be emigres were arrested or dispersed.

A spate of embassy occupations in the spring of 1994 - all unsuccessful - preceded an exodus of about 32,000 Cubans who left the island for the United States on rickety boats and rafts. Castro set off the exodus by announcing his government would not stop anyone who wanted to leave the country.

u.s deport all mexicans back the dont show the same courtesy to others

Anonymous said...

A 2004 study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), entitled "Technological Superiority and the Losses from Migration," found that there is NO economic gain from immigration. In fact the loss to all natives americans totals nearly $90 billion dollars. But it must be remembered that neither the NRC study nor the NBER study takes into account the benefits to immigrants, both illegal legal, that far out-weigh any benefit they bring to this country.

Anonymous said...

Support for an enforcement first policy on immigration tops the 70% mark in all but one of 43 states polled by Rasmussen Reports over the past month (see State-by-State Immigration Data).
Massachusetts is the sole exception, but even in Ted Kennedy's state a solid majority (58%) say that the U.S. should enforce existing laws and control the border before considering new reforms (The Bay State also boasts the lowest percentage of voters who believe that tax cuts help the economy).
Wyoming, at 88%, boasts the highest percentage favoring an enforcement first policy with manditory deportation of all illegals second.
Fifty-nine percent (79%) of Arizona voters say they are following the immigration debate "very closely." That's the highest level of interest in the nation.
In 31 of the 43 states, a plurality of voters want to "forcibly require" all illegal immigrants to leave the country (see State-by-State Immigration Data).
642,000 americans were involved in this poll.

Anonymous said...

I read this - it also says that 93% oppose making illegal alien children born in the US an automatic citizen. There is one Senator, I believe,that wants this made into law and made retroactive 5 years. This would make millions of "anchor babies" illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

Here are some statistics from the Los Angeles Times:
40 percent of all workers are working for cash and not paying taxes. Why would they want to be legal and pay taxes? They would be able to start bringing the rest of their families to the USA.
79 percent of people on L.A.'s most-wanted list are illegal aliens.
Over two-thirds of all births are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by the taxpayers.
Nearly 37 percent of all inmates in California detention centers are here illegally.
Over 350,000 illegals are living in garages.
The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegals from south of the border.
Nearly 68 percent of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
Of the 10 million people in Los Angeles County, 5.1 million speak English and 4.1 million speak Spanish.
21 radio stations in Los Angeles are Spanish speaking.
More statistics:
Less than 2 percent of illegals are picking crops but 39 percent are on welfare.
Over 70 percent of the U.S. annual population growth (over 90 percent of California, Florida and New York) are from immigration.
29 percent of inmates in the federal prisons are illegal aliens.
The lifetime fiscal impact (taxes minus services used) for the average adult Mexican immigrant is a negative.
They also send between about $15 billion back to Mexico to assist their families and prop up the corrupt Mexican government that keeps most of its citizens in poverty. How about a revolt in their own country!
A new figure from yesterday: It cost Los Angeles $292 million in welfare costs for 100,000 children of illegal aliens.