Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 10th: The Day 2 Million People Said BASTA!

Immigrant communities through out the United States came together on April 9th and 10th to send a clear message throughout the nation - "We Are America." The National Day of Action began the nation wide protest on April 9th with Dallas (TX) San Diego (CA), Miami (FL), and Boise (ID) leading the way with the rest of the nation continuing on 10th 2006.

The "April 10 Day of Action" was not organized through well known organizing communities but through local grassroots organizations and coalitions are working together. More than two million immigrants and their allies gathered in cities across the US to oppose HR4437. These protest will go down in the history books as the largest display of decentralized, coordinated protest in US history. Cities everywhere broke historical records on the number of people gathering to voice their outrage.

Communities who lived in fear found thier voices and spoke out about America's broken immigration system. A system that tears families apart; a system that exploits and forces them to work is conditions that are considered inhumane; and a system that violates their civil liberties.

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Birmingham (AL) - 4,000
Phoenix (AZ) - 100,000
Tucson (AZ) - 25,000
Springdale (AR) - 5,000
Little Rock (AR) - 2,000
San Diego (CA) - 100,000
San Jose (CA) - 25,000
Bakersfield (CA) - 20,000
Los Angeles (CA) - 7,000
Santa Ana (CA) - 7,000
Sacramento (CA) - 5,000
San Francisco (CA) - 5,000
Fresno (CA) - 10,000
Oakland (CA) - 10,000
Berkeley (CA) - 300
Concord (CA) -
Gilroy (CA) -
Redwood City (CA) -
Richmond (CA) - 300
Hayward (CA) -
Denver (CO) - 1,000+
Colorado Springs - 1,000
Grand Junction (CO) - 4,000
Boulder (CO) - 200
Hartford (CT) - 2,500
New Haven (CT) - 2,000
Georgetown (DE) - 1,000
Fort Myers (FL) - 50,000
Miami (FL) - 7,000
Homestead (FL) - 2,500
Pensacola (FL) - 1,000
Tampa (FL) -
Atlanta (GA) - 60,000
Boise (ID) - 4,000
Champaign (IL) - 200
Rockford (IL) - 2,000
Schaumburg (IL) - 200
South Bend (IN) - 5,000
Des Moines (IA) - 5,000
Kansas City (KS) -
Arkansas City (KS) - 200
Emporia (KS) - 1,500
Garden City (KS) - 3,000
Dodge City (KS) - 2,000
Great Bend (KS) - 300
Liberal (KS) - 80
Wichita (KS) - 4,000
Lexington (KY) - 3,500
Portland (ME) - 200
Salisbury (MD) - 200
Boston (MA) - 10,000
Grand Rapids (MI) -
St. Paul (MN) - 30,000
Jackson (MS) - 500
St Louis (MO) - 5,000
Omaha (NE) - 10,000
Lincoln (NE) - 4,000
Schuyler (NE) -
Jersey City (NJ) - 5,000
Las Cruces (NM) - 300
Sunland Park (NM) - 350
Albuquerque (NM) - 300 middle school and high school students
New York City (NY) - 125,000
Long Island (NY) - 2,000
Ellis Island (NY) - 4,000
State of North Carloina - 100 people joined a cross-state march
Winston-Salem (NC) - 1,500
Wilmington (NC) -
Siler City (NC) - 4,000
Toledo (OH) -
Cincinnati (OH) -
Louisville (OH) -
Oklahoma City (OK) - 10,000 (week before)
Salem (OR) - 10,000
Portland (OR) - 2,000
Philadelphia (PA) - 7,000
Harrisburg (PA) - 250
Pittsburg (PA) - 150
Columbia (SC) - 5,000
Greenville (SC) - 2,500
Charleston (SC) - 1,500
Nashville (TN) - 14,000
Knoxville (TN) - 2,500
Austin (TX) - 15,000
Dallas (TX) - 500,000
Fort Worth (TX) - 30,000
Houston (TX) - 50,000
San Antonio (TX) - 50,000
El Paso (TX) - 2,000
Tyler (TX) - 2,000
Laredo (TX) - 1,000 students (parents and media were barred from forum)
Cameron Park (TX) - 500
Harlingen (TX) - 150
Brownsville (TX) - 350
Corpus Christi (TX) - 400
Salt Lake City (UT) - 40,000

Seattle (WA) - 30,000
Madison (WI) - 25,000
Laramie (WY) - 50
Washington, D.C - 500,000

I know there are more out there so if you know other cities I left out, please let us know. These are their voices, voices that need to be heard. If it is not reported, it never happened. Let America know about the small town, those rural areas that are not often reported.

As for Laredo, TX here is the latest development.
Parents and members of the media were barred Wednesday from entering Alexander High School, where 800 to 1,000 students filled the cafeteria to attend an open forum on immigration reform.
School officials also confiscated posters that said "Viva la Causa!" and other slogans advocating immigration reform, students said after the event.
Several representatives of television and print media outlets arrived at about 10:15 a.m. for the 10:20 event; later, Santos said the event was scheduled to begin at 10:45 a.m. Journalists were asked to leave school property and were forced to stand across the street on Del Mar.
What the local media is reporting:
UISD Superintendent Bobby Santos later claimed that the media was never "officially" invited. No, we didn't have it in writing. We often don't. If we get a phone call from an official asking us to cover an event, we try to respond as quickly as we can. We don't wait to get in writing.
This is the first time in a combined 30-year memory here at the paper that we have been barred from attending such a student event.
According to witnesses, parents were initially prohibited from entering the cafeteria by Principal Sandra Alvarez. Later, after the parents protested, Alvarez said she had received a new directive and allowed them to enter. Shortly thereafter, however, at least one other parent was barred from entering by school police. She, too, was later admitted.
We can not stop fight, our voices still need to be heard. Those in small towns, their voices need to heard.

¡¡¡Luchemos por justicia, trabajo y dignidad para todos!!!


Nathan said...

History will remember thousands of people who support illegal aliens? I doubt it.

A majority of this country wants a FENCE on the border, an extreme measure. All these protestors do is wake up the public to the dangers of illegal aliens.

XicanoPwr said...

Why do you hate us that much? And please don't try the old "love the sinner; hate the sin" cop out. It really isn't in the Bible it is just a way to excuse your judgementalism. Aren't we not told to forgive the sin. I mean it says it in the Bible in Matthew 18:23-35, "the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants." The story where Christ tells of a slave who was forgiven for his debts and yet, at same the time, the same slave refused to forgive the debts of a fellow slave. Christ called that slave "Evil." All who call themselves "Christian" absolutely must forgive the sins of any other sinner. I only mention this because you state on your blog that your "conservative ideology is shaped" by your Christian faith. Since you do have this belief that "we are in a battle of ideas, and the enemy cannot win," then I would have to assume that this issue is just another one of the battle of ideas.

I know you are itching to reply and probably say that that I can't understand the Bible correctly unless God, through the Holy Spirt, directs my understanding. However, this too is another cop to the argument I just stated above because it is a fallicy to actually think that God have given you a better understanding of the Bible than me. I must remind you, isn't it said in Psalm 119:130 that the Word of God is understandable even to the "simple?" And it is also said in Revelation 22:18 that anyone who adds to the Bible will be condemned. And no, I am not blinded by the Devil, but it is you who is really blinded. May I remind you that in Mark 10:21, Jesus said in order to follow him, you must sell everything you have and give it to the poor. Have you sold everything and given it to the undocumented migrants? Are they not poor? And because you are really judgmental it is you who has been blinded for not following 1 John 3:8 because we are told not to judge others. And the statements you made is very judgmental, in which you have turned a blind eye to your own sin and your own failure to follow the Bible.

For a person who is guided by your Christian faith, you really have failed in walking in the path of Jesus. WWJD nathan, WWJD? I guess it ture what Jesus said about people like you, you are nothing more than "whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness."

Back to the question I asked at the start. Why do you hate us?