Monday, April 17, 2006

Ax the Dobbs

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Hispanic News' Jon Garrido is asking for your help to get CNN's Lou Dobbs off the air. Duke1676 has a great summary of Lou Dobbs which also includes a link how the Dobbs' kool-aid has poison the mind of many progressives.

His message is compelling, so compelling in fact that even many progressives (see comments) seem to have fallen under his spell. But ... Now from the Southern Poverty Law Center comes this look at CNN’s Lou Dobbs, the accuracy of his reporting ,and the nature of some of the guests he chooses to feature on his nightly show

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Lou Dobbs: Self Interested Demagoguery: One who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain ratings

Why AOL? Lou Dobbs is the number one money maker for CNN so he is not going anywhere as long as he makes money for CNN and right now he is making a ton of money for CNN bashing "illegal immigration."

CNN is owned by Time Warner and Time Warner also owns AOL which is being extensively promoted to increase its value as witnessed last week by selling 5% of AOL stock to Google. This 5% cost Google $1 Billion setting a benchmark value for AOL stock.

The Google-AOL deal gives AOL a valuation of $20 billion.

Billionaire Time Warner shareholder Carl Icahn who controls 3 percent of Time Warner shares has been organizing a proxy battle for control of Time Warner wants to sell AOL.

We could never directly muzzle Lou Dobbs because the revenue his trashing of Hispanic/Latinos generates for CNN is huge and CNN's revenue belongs to Time Warner.

The Achilles heel is AOL. If the value of AOL was to decrease dramatically because of the loss of the Hispanic/Latino market, Time Warner, and more so, Carl Icahn, would move to stop this hemorrhage. The only way to stop the hemorrhage would be to meet the demands of the Hispanic/Latino community: Remove Lou Dobbs off the Air.

Why is this so important?

The marches, rallies, and protests have been instrumental in the Senate Judiciary Committee's adoption of the McCain Kennedy Immigration Reform proposal and its submission to the Senate for debate. The monumental protests have been heard in Washington and around the USA.

As monumental as the protests have energized the Hispanic community, the protests will not take immigration over the top as witnessed by the Senate failing to approve immigration reform.

Time now for a reality check: The US Senate debated immigration reform but the Senate votes to adopt the Kennedy McCain proposal were simply not there!

Something else now needs to be added to the protests to take us to the next level if we are going to realize immigration reform as Hispanics favor.

Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs has become the champion zealot of bashing "illegal immigration" each night at CNN promoting HR 4437 as the only way of dealing with "Broken Borders" to protect the USA. The only way to stop Lou Dobbs, the raving populist xenophobe, is to invoke "The Achilles heel: AOL."

The number of AOL subscribers is around 30 million. Many of these are US Hispanics, in addition, AOL has a growing percentage of Latin America accounts among new users. To increase market share, AOL is being marketed to the Hispanic/Latino internet community for its ease of use. There are other internet companies that are even easier to use, have faster speeds, and are less expensive. With a national Ax AOL campaign especially among our savvy youth with their ever increasing use of text messaging, IM, and Internet, if Hispanics would drop AOL and move in droves to other internet providers, significant pressure would result causing owners of AOL to realize the only way to re-capture market share would be to remove CNN's Lou Dobbs.

Removing Lou Dobbs off the air would completely disarm the national leader of promoting HR 4437 and would be the most powerful message that could be provided to the Congress, President Bush, 2008 presidential candidates and the entire USA. The demise of Lou Dobbs would be fatal. There would be nowhere for him to land because wherever he surfaced such as FOX, the Ax AOL campaign would follow him by simply changing our name to Ax FOX.

If CNN does not remove Lou Dobbs, we will move to escalate to boycott all CNN corporate sponsors beginning with sponsors of CNN en Espanol. We are approaching $1 Trillion in annual Hispanic purchasing. This is the real strength of Hispanic power.

Hispanic News on April 11 published a new website which will become the vehicle for getting the message out throughout the USA to boycott AOL.

Presently there is no USA website that is coordinating marches, rallies or protests and could become this vehicle for anyone to post what is happening in their community and to get messages out to everyone in the USA.

To promote Ax AOL throughout the USA, Hispanic News is now selling advertising using Sponsored Links. Buy an ad if you own a business or as an individual use your name. The ads are $299 but donations are welcomed for any amount. Help us make change in the USA by working together to remove Lou Dobbs off the air at CNN. Buying Ax AOL t-shirts is expensive. Hispanic News can not do this by ourselves.

You can also help by emailing everyone in your address book informing them using AOL indirectly pays Lou Dobbs' salary.

Beginning May 1, the next level of marches, rallies, protests will now include Ax AOL. The red Ax AOL t-shirts will become part of the protests. Spread the word that anyone who uses AOL is subsidizing Lou Dobbs' promotion of HR 4437's criminalizing immigrants and anyone who helps them.

Jon Garrido
Hispanic News


samrocha said...

Hi! I found your Blog and BlogSearch, I think the dialogue on immigration is very important and must be discussed from all perspectives.

With your insights I would love to have you take a look at a mini-series I wrote last week on the subject and, if you want to, join in the dialogue…

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DavidU said...

There is no way CNN is firing Lou, unless they find a dead hooker in his closet or something. It's the first time in years that CNN is beating FOX News in ratings. They might actually promote him and give him a raise if he keeps it up.

janinsanfran said...

Good campaign -- quite practical in many circles I think. AOL is vulnerable among many users as it adds no particular value to their experience.

Man Eegee said...

Thx for the info, XP. I'll happily work to get rid of Lou.

Duke1676 said...


I read your series on immigration. It was great. The insight you added to the debate is definitely needed. A must read for those on both sides of this issue.