Friday, June 30, 2006

Anti-immigrant group recruits Hispanics and Blacks

On May 1st, millions of immigrants and their supporters took to the streets in cities all over the country to voice their opposition to the "enforcement only" House legislation that would criminalize 12 million and calls for increased militarization of the border and the building of a 700 mile long wall. As the multitudes assembled in their various staging areas dressed in white shirts and carrying banners and flags, in a conference room in Washington a different kind of immigration advocacy group was announcing its creation. This group was also made up predominately of Hispanics, only their agenda was in direct opposition to the activity taking place in the streets down below. The founders of You Don’t Speak For Me came to the National Press Club to announce that despite what might appear on the TV screens that day, not all Latinos supported the marchers.

But there was one thing Col. Al Rodriguez, the founder of the group, and the other members of the group forgot to mention that day as they made their rounds of media appearances including those on FOX and Lou Dobbs. This group of concerned citizens of Latino decent did not spring whole from minds of its participants, it was midwifed in its birth by the nations preeminent anti-immigration cabal; the Tanton organization.

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According to the You Don't Speak For Me website the group was the brainchild of Col. Al Roriguez, a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran:

You Don't Speak for Me formed when Col. Al Rodriguez became fed up watching media coverage of the mass protests of April. "Their leaders were saying it was a march for immigrant rights and a Latino/Hispanic movement," says Rodriguez. "I thought to myself, 'Hey, those are illegal aliens, not immigrants!'" Col. Rodriguez began speaking out to others saying, "I'm of Hispanic ancestry and those people are acting like they speak for me. Well, you don't speak for me!"

Col. Rodriguez began asking others to help him reach more people who felt the same way and You Don't Speak for Me formed from this loose coalition of individuals. It is a group of concerned Americans of Hispanic/Latino heritage, some first or second generation, others recent legal immigrants, who believe illegal immigration harms America and a guest worker amnesty will do the same.

YDSFM! Officers are:
Col. Al Rodriguez, Chairman
Mariann Davies, Vice Chair
Claudia Spencer, Vice Chair
Justin Rangel, Vice Chair
Maria Chojnowski, Vice Chair

You Don't Speak For Me

Nowhere on the website or in any of Col. Rodriguez's interviews was any mention made about the Tanton cabals association with You Don't Speak For Me, but the contact information given on the press page of the website lists Ira Mehlman and Susan Wysoki as the primary contacts for the group. Both of whom have e-mail addresses at The web address for Tanton's flagship organization, The Federation for American Immigration Reform.

You Don't Speak for Me is not alone in it dubious creation. FAIR has actively recruited amongst other minority groups as well, creating an organization of "concerned" Black citizens called Choose Black America to speak out against any easing of the immigration laws.

The Tanton web of anti-immigrant, English-only and Nativist groups has been in the making for years and today is the driving force behind the current immigration debate. It was recently revealed that his groups were the driving force behind the recent stalling of the renewal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by the House, when 79 Representatives refused to sign in opposition to the bilingual ballot provisions in the landmark civil rights legislation.

John Tanton has been credited for single-handedly creating the modern anti-immigration, English-only and Nativist political movements in the United States. Over thirty years he has managed to create a network of think tanks, advocacy groups and fund raising organizations that not only shape public opinion, but public policy. His experts testify before Congress and reports and studies by his various groups are used to formulate legislation. His pundits appear in all forms of media to pontificate and propagandize. By his own admission he says, "I would certainly have no reservations about claiming credit for being the guy secretly manipulating U.S. immigration policy."

Although he claims to do so only because he believes that "the overwhelming majority of Americans … want to see immigration levels reduced," his motivations seem to stem from a firm belief that America is in peril due to a worldwide trend of third-world populations taking over the wealthy first-world nations. His philosophy contains a strange mix of environmentalism, protectionism, xenophobia, eugenics, and racism. A philosophy he has been able turn into a political movement though his network of organizations. This network includes both organizations founded by Tanton himself and those started by others that he takes under his wing and then integrates into his network and funds


A look at the founding principles of of You Don't Speak For Me reveals a striking similarity to those of many of Tanton's other anti-immigration groups such as FAIR, ProEnglish, NumbersUSA, and CIS.

Our Principles

We are Americans of Hispanic heritage who believe in America. We believe in the governmental institutions and laws that make this country the greatest in the world. It is because of this strong belief in the principles of freedom, individual liberties, the rule of law, and democracy that we formed You Don't Speak for Me!: American Hispanic Voices Speaking Out Against Illegal Immigration.

American Hispanic voices are being shouted down by the hate and race-directed rhetoric of those who do not appreciate the laws of our country. We of You Don't Speak for Me! give voice to those without a voice and those whose opposition to illegal immigration is drowned out by illegal aliens and their supporters marching in the streets demanding undeserved "rights" of U.S. citizens.

We are standing together to say to the those who come here illegally and those who would give amnesty to those who have broken our laws, you are wrong and you should not be claiming to speak for all American Hispanics. You Don't Speak for Me!

Our principles are simple:

  • All immigration should be legal
    Illegal immigration hurts everyone, while carefully planned legal immigration helps. We believe in stopping illegal immigration and securing the national and economic future of our nation.

  • Illegal aliens from any country should never be rewarded with benefits or privileges
    Becoming an American citizen is a unique and wonderful privilege. The legal route to becoming a citizen is not easy and requires patience and hard work. Those who break the law and come illegally should not be granted any benefits or privileges. No driver's license, no welfare benefits, no free health care, no in-state tuition - simply put . . . no state or federal benefits!

  • No amnesty - no way!
    Amnesty is rewarding people who break the law. From past experience we have learned that granting amnesty only leads to increased illegal immigration. Those here illegally are taking advantage of our compassion. We say No Amnesty-No Way!

  • Secure our borders now and fully enforce immigration laws
    The best way to stop the flow of illegal immigration coming across our borders is to build a high security fence along the length of our southern border where the majority of illegal traffic takes place. We must also vigorously enforce our existing immigration laws. Local and state law enforcement should be free to enforce immigration laws. Employers who hire illegal workers should be heavily fined and if a pattern of practice is established their owners/corporate officers should be fined and jailed for the offenses and the corporate charter revoked. Identification documents must be limited and strong security measures like biometrics applied to documents of foreign workers. American citizens driver's licenses are now secured by the Real ID Act, non-citizens should be required to present documents not susceptible to fraud and counterfeit, and include biometric security measures - especially for work purposes.

  • Learn and speak English
    Learning the language of this country is the very least an immigrant can do. Learn and speak English. Learn the history of this country. Learn the Constitution and civics. Learn and practice the principles that make America the greatest country in the world.

  • You Don't Speak For Me

    FAIR and the Tanton cabal have not been satisfied with their effort to form a puppet organization within the Hispanic community. They have also reached out to the Black community to start Choose Black America a group that believes that, "Mass illegal immigration has been the single greatest impediment to black advancement in this country over the past 25 years. Blacks, in particular, have lost economic opportunities, seen their kids’ schools flooded with non-English speaking students, and felt the socio-economic damage of illegal immigration more acutely than any other group."

    As in the case of You Don't Speak For Me, the contact information for the group lists Mr. Mehlman and Ms. Wysoki. Unlike it's Hispanic counterpart, FAIR is also listed as a contact. This is perhaps because the philosophy put forth by FAIR and the rest of the Tanton cabal might find a more receptive audience in the Black community than the Hispanic, where it would be universally reviled.

    Choose Black America argues that black Americans have already been severely damaged by decades of uncontrolled illegal immigration and stand to lose even more if 12 million, or more, illegal aliens are granted amnesty. The coalition also formed in response to the failure of black elected officials to represent the interests of African Americans.

    “Mass illegal immigration has been a major impediment to black advancement in this country over the past 25 years,” declared Dr. Frank Morris Sr., chairman of Choose Black America “All Americans are harmed by rampant illegal immigration, but it is blacks, in particular, who have lost economic opportunities, watched their kids’ schools flood with non-English speaking students, and felt the direct impact in countless ways. Our government has failed us, our elected officials have failed us, and now they are prepared to compound the damage with an amnesty and guest worker program that will set black Americans back a hundred years.”

    Choose Black America

    Tanton and his web of closeted xenophobes and racists, not satisfied with infiltrating much of the mainstream discourse about immigration and immigration reform, have now engaged in a campaign to foster division in the Hispanic community. But perhaps more importantly they are attempting to make sure that any hope at an alliance between the nation's two largest minority groups can be prevented. They are cleverly turning one group against the other, playing to some underlying concerns in the Black community, to make sure that the warped Tanton worldview will prevail. I wonder what the Black leaders, who have unwittingly joined their crusade, will think when they find out that the Tanton cabal has been willing to sacrifice the Voting Rights Act on the alter of their nativist cause. Hopefully they will see the hypocrisy that permeates Tanton and his followers worldview, and come to understand the true motives that lay just beneath the surface.

    "You Don't Speak For Me" Spokesperson Claudia Spencer On FOX May 1, 2006 predicts violence will occur if immigrants continue with their "extremely disgusting" demands for rights.

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