Saturday, August 12, 2006

Border to be opened up for Cubans

While House Republicans tour the country hoping to drum up votes in November by advocating the closing the southern border and the repatriation of one group immigrants - the White House announced a plan Friday to help shore up Republican prospects in Florida by opening the border to another group of immigrants.

After 12 years, the government now plans on changing it's policies towards Cuba and easing restrictions on migration from the island nation … hopefully in time to prevent the Governorship and a Congressional seat in the vital swing state from falling into the hands of rival Democrats. The politically powerful Cuban community in South Florida has long lobbied for an easing of restrictions on further emigration.

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Coming only two weeks after Cuban leader Fidel Castro passed power on to his brother Raul for health reasons, the change of policy will be the first since the 1994 accord between the two nations that limited emigration from the island to the US to 20,000 visas a year.

The policy shift, which is limited to certain groups such as families who have relatives in the United States and Cuban doctors wishing to emigrate, was contained in two separate statements issued in Washington by the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Aimed at putting pressure on the Cuban government to officially sanction more migration, the administration hopes the measures will help “promote safe, legal and orderly migration, while they also support the Cuban people in their aspirations for a free and prosperous society,” according a Dept of Homeland Security draft.

Senate Majority leader, Bill Frist said the change of policy would help "create a wave of change for the Cuban people currently living under the yoke of despotism to rise up and demand their freedom … I encourage the administration to continue to show leadership at a time when the Cuban people need it most."

Ironically the day before the policy change was announcement, House Republicans brought their immigration road show to Sen. Frist’s home state of Tennessee to discuss the effects of increased immigration on the US healthcare system and individual American taxpayers.

Apparently the need to stem the flow of immigrants into the country only applies to those coming through the southern border … while those coming through the Florida Straits will be welcomed with open arms by Republicans …. At least in a tight election year anyway.


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I note that the border relaxation will not be extended to other Caribbean isles, for example, Haiti, much less to Meso-America....

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