Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hypocrisy, pure and simple

Last week, when student protesters prevented Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist from speaking at New York's Columbia University, the outrage from the right-wing was deafening. Lou Dobbs recounted the "unprovoked attack" on Gilchrist and how he had to "run for safety" from the stage. He then went on to bemoan the "death of free speech" at the "liberal" institution.

Bill O'Reilly did Dobbs one better warning of the "dangerous far-left" and how Columbia was a "disgrace, not interested in fee speech or learning…only indoctrinating leftists and radicals."

Gilchrist himself on his website wrote a long dissertation on the death of free speech and a warning about the tyranny of mob rule demonstrated by the incident.

Both Dobbs and O'Reilly featured selected video clips of the "riot." But, they forgot to inform their audiences of just how edited their clips really were.

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From the bastion of free speech, Mr. "shut up!" O'Reilly, we have this little fair and balanced piece of reporting:

and from Mr. Dobbs, this little unbiased gem:

Not to be topped, the paragon of free speech, and human rights, Jim Gilchrist gives us this little missive:

There is a national treasure so dear to the American people that it sometimes requires our life, liberty and sacred honor to protect it. The center piece of our National Treasury of Rights is the freedom of speech, the very cornerstone of self governance that countless heroes have fought and died for to preserve.

The United States of America has been the beacon of freedom throughout the world, empowering people whether great or common, rich or poor, strong or weak, to speak up with confidence, expressing views and vocalizing their beliefs.

When priceless free speech is suppressed by force, threats of violence, or intimidation, then the cornerstone of our Constitution begins to crumble and eventually the entire foundation of our nation, long coveted as a nation governed under the rule of law, comes tumbling down.

When such a freedom is replaced with tyrannical bellowing and "mob rule", then only the demons of disorder are allowed to speak and the voice of a nation is muted. It is my greatest fear that in the market place of ideas the voice of free Americans will be stifled by the disease of "politically correct paralysis".

The abolition of freedom of speech carried out against The Minuteman Project speakers and Columbia University's Republican Club at Roone Auditorium on October 4 is but a symptom of a deeper national infection; an infection of complacency that numbs the American people into the belief that freedom, especially freedom of speech, is reserved only for the meanest thugs wielding the biggest clubs.

JimGilchrist on Free Speech

Luckily for those who actually want to see what really happened, the Spanish language station, Univision, caught the ENTIRE episode on tape. Poor little Jimmy Gilchrist attacked by all those crazed brown leftists for no apparent reason at all.

Keep your eye on the minuteman on the right with the baseball cap and white tea shirt to see who really provoked whom and why a "riot" ensued. Or perhaps it was the guys on the left trying to rip the sign from the protesters hands .

To hear the likes of the lying bully, Bill O'Reilly lecture on about free speech… would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. The same is true of Dobbs who rarely lets an opposing view get a word in edgewise between his interruptions and mock righteous indignation.

As for Gilchrist… he's all about the free speech that one... Talk about the tyranny of mob rule, and free spech being "reserved only for the meanest thugs wielding the biggest clubs", he's got to be kidding.

He should have been forced to take a subway back to his hotel, then let him opened his big pie hole on the train and he would have gotten a good healthy dose of free speech. He wouldn't have lasted a minute… even the old ladies would have given him a good going over - and a quick kick in the ass.


sappho said...

I assume that they also left out the part when the Minuteman kicked that student square in the head/face??!!

The Watchman said...

CNN will never curtail the xenophobia and racism pervasive on the Lou Dobbs show until more Americans express our disapproval of Lou Dobb's antics by boycotting Lou Dobb's advertisers!