Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Buchanan in his own words

Back on September 28, Pat Buchanan appeared on KQED radio in San Francisco as part of his book tour to pitch his latest tome: "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America." Unlike many of the hit and run spots Buchanan did over the period on TV and radio to pitch his book, KQED devoted the entire hour to Pat. This long-form interview done by "Forum" host Dave Iverson, with additional caller questions, allowed Buchanan the time to fully explain his positions and expand on his thesis about the effects of immigration on American culture, and just what Pat thinks that American culture should look like.

The first ten or fifteen minutes were devoted to Mr. Buchanan's views on the Iraq war and the Bush administration. The remainder of the interview dealt with issues at the heart of Buchanan's philosophy and world view. He touches on immigration, race, ethnicity and his preference to keep the country White, European and Christian. Unbridled by the constraints of the 5 min book plug format, Buchanan allows us a unique opportunity to really see into the mind and more importantly, the soul of the man.

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rac.ism  [rey-siz-uhm]
–noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Once Mr. Buchanan gets into the swing of things, rarely a sentence passes that doesn't contain the word, "race" "culture" (preceded by "European", "Hispanic", "Christian" or "foreign")" or "ethnicity." His entire thought process is dominated by the notion of race. He sees certain races and cultures as far superior to others, and advocates that America should remain as racially pure as possible. He further states that all immigration should be based upon a "point system" of desirable and undesirable traits.

According to Buchanan:

A nation is united by blood and soil, history, heritage and most importantly language and culture

Bonds of American culture are exclusively western European…American began as an English nation and became a European nation in terms of our ancestry and culture…now we are inviting balkanization and the breakup of nation

Ethnic core of the country is European and Christian, if we become a conglomerate of all the religions and cultures of the world we will cease to exist.

We should set preferences with a point system for those we let in - they should be speak English, be educated, from a similar western culture and Christian.

We should favor those with PhD's or specialties like the German scientists we brought in after WWII

'Illegals' are bringing in diseases

Latin American children, even in the second and third generation, like blacks, don't do well in school. And will, later in life rely on welfare and social services Why bring in folks who contribute less to society, we have to pick and chose the 'best'

We are overloading the counties ability to adapt and recoup ...we need time out from all immigration.

Assimilation is not taking place; we will soon be a nation of two languages and cultures like Palestine, Cyprus, and Kosovo-Serbia

Extracted quotes can't really do this interview service. For all those interested in immigration and immigration reform, the hour long interview is well worth a listen. Without the constraints of time or a MSM moderator to keep him from going too far off the deep end, Buchanan is free to show his true colors. Iverson gives him plenty of rope and Pat does a fine job of hanging himself.

No MP3 is available for this interview due to the inclusion of copyright-protected material. You can hear the entire interview by going to the KQED website for "Immigration in Focus" and scrolling down to the Sept, 28, 2006 edition of "Forum"


Anonymous said...

This **** is vintage Pat Buchanan. His whole family is like this, thanks to his daddy who conducted such discussions at the dinner table. None of them have anything of any real worth to offer this country. I say we pitch a point system on them and send them somewhere else on this planet where they would be much more comfortable with their shortcomings. My God! We have battled for generations against a de facto point system as practiced at Ellis Island and then the quota system which actually aided and abetted the Axis in killing Jews who "didn't make the cut". When will Buchanan and his ilk actually realize that this sort of "superiority" is based on their own feelings of inferiority?

Anonymous said...

his statements disgust me so much.