Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First they wanted to see your papers…now they want your DNA

Ok, I know America's all filled up, and that bombing Mecca would solve all our foreign policy problems. I even know that Miami is like a third world country and that the only way to solve all this nation's problems is to build a giant wall and outlaw the Spanish language.

But now even by his own absolutely insane standards, Colorado Congressman, and Republican Presidential candidate, Tom Tancredo, may have actually stepped over the rather narrow line that separates wingnuttery from sheer lunacy.

On the same day the diminutive, Coloradoan, tough-guy registered as the first Republican Presidential candidate in the New Hampshire primary, he introduced a bill in Congress that would require all foreigners seeking visas to join family members in the US to supply DNA samples to prove their family ties.

Of course their citizen, or legal-resident family members would also be required to supply a corresponding sample to it check against.

Now, of course Tancrazy sees noting troublesome in requiring US citizens, accused of absolutely no crime, to volunteer up samples of their tissues or body fluids simply because they have foreign-born relatives that they'd like to have join them.

It's not like they're real Americans, protected by the Constitution or anything. Having foreign relatives makes them kind of "foriegnish" anyway….they probably have accents and are most likely brown or yellow. ….and if not, they're most definitely I said….not "real Americans" like little Tommy Tancredo.

Tancrazy claimed the move was necessary because documents provided by immigrants to show they are related to U.S. citizens or permanent residents are sometimes sketchy and unreliable.

"This will help protect the integrity of our immigration system," said Tancredo, who has based his presidential campaign on curbing immigration. "It will give us one more tool to make sure that the beneficiaries of these visas are who they say they are."

Apparently, this newest proposal even caught Tancredo ally, and fellow wingnut traveler, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona off guard….forcing the Senator to issue a "whoa boy, slow down there a minute", kind of statement regarding Tancrazy's newest harebrained scheme

"I was not aware there was a big question whether the chain migration of relatives was potentially bringing in people who are not related," Kyl said. "If this is a big problem, obviously we would want to look at it and understand it, but I don't know this solution proposed by Tom Tancredo would be the right solution."

Surprisingly, this doozy of a proposal comes right on the heels of a Tancrazy plan to force women seeking abortions to submit to sonograms in order to discourage them from going through with the procedure.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.), who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, on Friday said he would support the use of sonograms for women considering having an abortion and try to halt federal funding to clinics that perform abortions, the Des Moines Register reports.

"As president, I will do everything in my power to support and promote the use of sonograms so that women are informed about their unborn child before making the decision to abort," Tancredo in a statement said after visiting the Women's Choice Center in Bettendorf, Iowa. The center provides no-cost sonograms and other services to discourage pregnant women from having abortions.

He also said that he would try to stop "any type of federal funding for Planned Parenthood" clinics and that he believes Roe v. Wade -- the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court case that effectively barred state abortion bans -- should be overturned. Jill June, president of Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, said that the best way to reduce abortions is to provide more funding for contraception programs, adding that Tancredo "really doesn't have the facts, and he's out of touch with mainstream voters"


Forced DNA samples and government mandated sonograms….It looks like Tom will be having quite a platform when he starts his third party run next year ….perhaps he can find a videographer from the Riefenstahl school to film the whole campaign for posterity.

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