Friday, May 30, 2008

You don't need a weathervane to see which way the wind blows

With Republican electoral prospects looking dim, and a top of the ticket that will be struggling for dear life at best, the coming campaign season looks to be shaping up to be the year where all Republican hopes will rest on stirring up as much anti-immigrant hate and fear as possible.

Despite being warned by party leaders that the immigration wedge will blow up in their faces, desperate Republicans from Senators down to local dog catchers will be relying upon stirring up as much fear and divisiveness as possible in hopes of saving their hides.

North Carolina's Elizabeth Dole, despite having limited funds and a strong challenger, chose to throw a bucket of money into this, her first campaign media buy:

As the number of illegal aliens in North Carolina increased, I began to hear very troubling accounts from many constituents and law enforcement officials. Illegal aliens were committing crimes, often repeatedly, such as drunk driving and drug and gang related felonies that have harmed and even killed North Carolinians. I knew this was an aspect of the illegal immigration issue that needed to be tackled urgently. I also knew that our state’s law enforcement officials needed the tools to effectively send the message that North Carolina means business when it comes to the enforcement of our laws.

So I traveled throughout North Carolina from the mountains to the coast meeting with sheriffs to discuss what challenges they faced and how we might provide them with additional assistance in the form of tools to identify, apprehend and deport criminal illegal aliens. We agreed on an approach of a partnership between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association. The result is the first and only statewide immigration enforcement plan of its kind in the country. This is the focus of my first commercial that will air across North Carolina.

...That’s why I need your continued support to help us defend our message in this campaign. My opponent has come out in opposition to my plan to identify, apprehend and deport illegal aliens who have committed crimes in North Carolina. This is a major difference between us. I know that I am on the right side of common sense and the good people of North Carolina on this issue, and we will defend my plan and win the debate on this issue.

With heartfelt thanks,
Elizabeth Dole
U.S. Senator (R-NC)

P.S. I need your help to continue funding my TV ad campaign. I have fought for your interests and your concerns, and I won’t stand by while Democrats based in Washington distort my record! With your help today, hundreds of thousands of voters will hear the truth about my record for North Carolina and the nation. Please click here to rush your contribution of $1000, $250, $75 or even $31 to my campaign today. Thank you in advance for your steadfast support.

Dole is betting the farm on this anti-immigrant message....and she won't be the last.

With no record of achievement to run on, an incompetent liar as their incumbent whose approval ratings are at historically low levels, and nothing to offer but endless war, an economy in the toilet, and a dithering septuagenarian who has waffled on every issue he's ever opined on as their standard bearer ....It's desperation time here … and like rats clinging to the floating remnants of a sunken ship you can bet Republicans will hold on tightly to the race baiting and scapegoating that have kept them in power for nearly thrity years ...and it'll be open season on The Brown™ from now through November

and that's a prediction you can take to the bank

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