Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hate Group FAIR complains about new campaign exposing them

A coalition of pro-migrant advocacy groups and labor unions today launched a ad campaign highlighting the true nature of the hate group, The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Today the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), America’s Voice, Center for New Community, and the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) launched a print ad denouncing known hate group, FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform), for poisoning the immigration debate with bigoted, xenophobic hate speech. In support of the ad, SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina issued the following statement:

“It’s time that everyone learns who FAIR’s founders, leaders and followers truly are. They are not reformers, but a group of extremists whose leaders are fostering a bigoted, anti-immigrant, anti-American agenda that we must stop.”

Veiw ad here

Needless to say, FAIR fired back with a tersely worded response claiming that the ad did not accurately represent the group, its leaders, or members, claiming that the ad used "stock photos of individuals who have no association with FAIR to incite hatred against anyone who has the audacity to oppose their views on immigration policy."

Having been unable to convince the American public that a mass illegal alien amnesty was justified or served any public interest, advocates for amnesty have launched an orchestrated and well-financed campaign to smear the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and others involved in defeating last year's immigration bill. Using full-page ads in today's editions of The Politico and Roll Call, this coalition of special interest groups uses inflammatory language and stock photos of individuals who have no association with FAIR to incite hatred against anyone who has the audacity to oppose their views on immigration policy. The tone and content of these ads demonstrates that their strategy to silence proponents of immigration reform has resulted in the ugliest and most negative public relations campaign in the history of American politics.

…Does this ugly ad campaign reflect the tone of change we are to expect from the new wave of political operatives we can expect to descend on Washington at the end of this year? After all, isn't a change from the nasty, divisive rhetoric of Washington what the American public is demanding? If it is, the state of public discourse in the U.S. truly is at a new low. FAIR stands by its record and we call upon all Americans to reject the blatant attempt on the part of a small coalition of radical organizations to halt meaningful debate about one of the most important public policy issues of our time.


So in the spirit of fair play ….what follows are photos of FAIR's former Western Regional Representative Joe Turner at some rallies he organized with his first anti-immigrant group, Save Our State.

FAIR's New Western Region Representative Joe Turner

Although I had been passionately interested in the subject of illegal immigration since 1994, it wasn’t until a few high profile raids in Southern California and pointed criticism of the complacent political establishment by the Los Angeles-based “John & Ken Show” talk radio program during the summer of 2004, that I decided to become an activist and founded Save Our State, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Save Our State was the first organization to highlight The Home Depot’s partnering with local governments to establish day laborer centers. Combined with our filming and monitoring of employers at these day labor centers, we helped bring national attention to this phenomenon. Our protests and refusal to “turn the other cheek” in hostile areas like Maywood and Baldwin Park, California, drew the attention of hundreds of police officers in riot gear, SWAT teams and hundreds of radical supporters of open borders. As a result, Save Our State became one of the most widely recognized local immigration reform groups.

I am the author of the original Illegal Immigration Relief Act, which is the first attempted use of the direct initiative process in San Bernardino, California, to mitigate the harmful effects of illegal immigration at the local level. It was my hope that this would serve as a template and empower other cities with the political will and desire to tackle the illegal immigration issue. Since this groundbreaking measure, cities across the nation work to emulate this model in local ordinances thanks to the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

My nuts and bolts, boots on the ground perspective and experiences will allow me to guide others and help them avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that can hinder growth. It is my ultimate goal to empower activists and organizations by providing them access to the vast resources and tools available through FAIR.


Mr Turner presents a very profession picture of his early career as an "organizer" in his FAIR bio ...what he neglected to include in his little autobiography were some of his more incendiary remarks like:

"I am sick and tired of all the white bashing that goes on through the use of political correctness as an indoctrinating tool,"

or, "I am sick and tired of multiculturalism, meaning, let's celebrate every culture as long as it isn't a European/white culture."

or, "just because one believes in white separatism that does not make them a racist."

...and of course then there's those pictures of him leading an anti-day laborer rally in Laguna Beach CA in 2005.

Feel better now Dan Stein? …. no more "stock photos"


Darryl said...


I can't believe that the Federation for American Immigration Reform would have someone like that on their staff. Completely irresponsible! It's clear that FAIR is just wolfs in sheeps clothing. Thanks for letting us know.

Okie said...

I mean, let's face it -- FAIR is a racist group. I'm sick of groups like this trying to argue against people of color under the banner of some other cause.

What do you think these guys say about "Mexicans" when they're alone?

The Southern Poverty Law Center, among others, have named FAIR a hate group, a distinction that they share with the KKK and Nazi Party.