Monday, November 3, 2008

Dispatches from the Lunatic Fringe

While the rest of the nation will spend much of election night glued to their TV screens or computer monitors awaiting results from key battleground states, William Gheen and his octogenarian army at the anti-immigrant hate group, ALIPAC, will be monitoring police-band radios and setting up an on-line "command post" in anticipation of the "unrest and mayhem" that he believes will result on election day.

Warning that "police departments across the nation are going on high level tactical alerts for election day and the day after," Gheen assures his followers that his internet "command post" will "remain functional .. in the event of any major national man made or natural disaster"

One can imagine Gheen spending Nov 5th scanning the skies for the black helicopters he's sure will be circling his home any minute.

I have just one word of warning for Gheen's army of the aged:

When he starts talking about selling all your worldly possessions and moving to the "new compound" in the hills of Montana, don't accept the new white Nike's and black sweat suits

…. And whatever you do, stay away from the purple kool aid

ALIPAC's RED ALERT for Election Day 2008
Monday, November 3, 2008 11:43 AM

Friends of ALIPAC,

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed and worked hard on this year's candidate endorsement and support efforts. It has been a lot of hard work and you all deserve a great deal of thanks.

… For Election Day, election night, and the day after, we request that our core activists gather on the website in the Discussion Groups area. We need our supporters from across the nation to help us monitor the situation.

Our goals will be to

A. Report election results regarding the over 170 candidates we have endorsed.

B. Report any problems with voting or election integrity issues.

C. Monitor and report any unrest or mayhem that may occur across the nation.

We have compiled the many reports in the media that police departments across the nation are going on high level tactical alerts for election day and the day after. The 2008 elections have been filled with stories of violence and aggression, unlike any prior modern election. The majority of these reports of actual assaults and vandalism are from Obama supporters towards McCain supporters. Again, we are not taking sides, this is just what is being reported.

In response to the attacks, ALIPAC's President William Gheen stated yesterday, "Some of the radical left are engaging in the equivalent of burning crosses in yards during this election."

To review our collection of information about what law enforcement agencies are preparing for and have responded to already, please visit this link...

Acts of Violence and Threats: Police Prepare for Unrest

While we hope and pray that election day will go smoothly and without any major incidents, we believe in being prepared for all contingencies.

We have made arrangements for the website to remain functional or only be down for a limited time, in the event of any major national man made or natural disaster.

We ask that our supporters monitor election results, local police radio bands, and local news casts to report any significant developments. We also ask that you submit any personal observations or eye witness accounts into our General Discussion Area, in the Discussion groups at

Our moderators will mark initial reports as UNVERIFIED, until they can be confirmed by multiple or official sources. Once we have confirmed reports, they will be marked CONFIRMED.

We advise all of our supporters to use caution regarding any unverified information that may circulate on the web. We will work quickly to try and verify any reports you submit.

With your help, we have the ability to quickly and accurately share information about what is really happening in the country.

Let's all say a prayer for America tonight, do our best on election day, and then organize to observe and report.

May God save America,

It must be exhausting to live in such a state of perpetual fear, paranoia, and hate.

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