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Great American Boycott 2006: events for May 1

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UPDATE April 30, 2007:

For information on The Great American Boycott II - MAY 1st 2007 see:

Locations of May 1st Immigration Rallies

May 1, 2006

"El Gran Paro Americano 2006" "The Great American Boycott 2006"
"Un dia sin immigrante" "A day without an immigrant"

Lists of Local May 1 Events

What follows are two different lists of events planned for May 1, 2006. The number of events is changing daily, so if you are looking for an event and don't see it here check or NOAC for the most current updates.

[UPDATE] A new list from NOAC dated 4/27 has been added. Please scroll down past the first list to view it.

Please remember there are two different lists from different organizations posted here, so take the time to check both lists when your looking for an event in your area.

Look first for your state and then your city, all states are listed alphabetically on both lists

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Location: Court House(Downtown Juneau)
Zip: 99801 Time Begin: 10:00am Time End: 12:30Ppm
Contact Person: Alejandra Rico or Elsa Briseño
Phone: (907)723-2784 or (907)957-2251
e-mail: or

Please where White T-shirts we are having a peaceful protest. (Porfavor usen camisas blancas, esta protesta es pacifica)-Gracias esperamos verlos Mayo primero!-Thank you, we hope to see you May first!

Contact: Derechos Humanos Phone: (520)770-1373 e-mail:

Coalicion de Derechos Humanos/Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras and Alianza Braceroproa are calling to a boicott in the Tucson area. More details about the program will be released soon.

Location: Valley west Mcdonalds
Zip: 95521
Time: 5:30 pm

Detail Information: Critical Mass bike ride and rally at the Valley West mcdonalds protesting exploitation of immigrant labor in Humboldt County, California.

Contact: Ronald Cruz (BAMN)
Tel: 510-501-2435
Web: Michael Smith (Berkeley May 1st Mobilization Committee)
Tel: 415.272.5049

Organizing high school walkouts and a rally at UC-Berkeley

Location: meet at Embarcadero and Market and March to Civic Center Plaza.
Time: 10:00 AM
Contact Person: Manuel de Paz
Phone: 510540-5296

Detail Information: EBSC is organizing a "May Day Without Immigrants" protest focusing on the Central American/African/Asian communities. The meeting place is at the Fruitvale Bart station at 10 a.m. to meet at Embarcadero and Market and March to Civic Center Plaza. "Ningun ser humano es ilegal"

Location: Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley
Time: Noon
Contact Person: Michael Smith
Phone: 415.272.5049

Worker and student walkout at UC Berkeley! All campus union members, students, off-campus workers and community members are encouraged to attend. Informational pickets start at 7:30 a.m. at Bancroft and Telegraph, followed by a rally on Sproul Plaza at Noon.

Location: Corner of 10th St & Darthmouth
Zip: 91711
Time Begin: 12:00 PM Time End: 3:00 PM
Contact Person: Rafael Phone: 951-333-2015

Rally In Support of Immigrant Rights! May 1st Day of Peace. Procession Walk, Speakers Entertainment & More!

Culver City
Location: West Los Angeles College
Zip: 90230
Time Begin: 12 noon Time End: 1 p.m.
Contact Person: Ana Mendez Phone: 310 384 8026

Students active in the UNITE-HERE campaign to organize immigrant and other workers in LAX-area hotels will speak at a lunchtime rally in the "free speech" area near the lunch truck.

Location: gather at the Ramona Bowl parking lot, then march north on Columbia Avenue, turn east on Thornton Avenue, turn north on Stanford Avenue to Bulldog Stadium. Then north on Stanford to Florida Avenue (Hwy 74 a major artery) and west to Gibbel Park.
Time Begin: 6:00 am Time End:
Contact Person: Sharon Carvalho

We are in the early stages of organizing a march for unity, amnesty for undocumented immigrants and peace, stop the war. People are invited to gather at the Ramona Bowl parking lot in Hemet, California at 6:00 am. At approx 6:30 we will march north on Columbia Avenue, turn east on Thornton Avenue, turn north on Stanford Avenue to Bulldog Stadium. Then north on Stanford to Florida Avenue (Hwy 74 a major artery) and west to Gibbel Park. We need speakers and help organizing. Any suggestions would be helpful

Los Angeles- Port of Los Angeles
La Collectiva del Troqueros del Puerto

12,000 Troqueros working the Port and local rails will shut down and congregate at Banning Park. Solidarity from most other Ports in the nation expected.

Los Angeles-1
Time: 12:00 PM
Tel: (800)598-6379
Assembly at Olympic and Broadway, march to Los Angeles City Hall
Flyers: Spanish

Los Angeles-2
Location: MacArthur Park
Time: 3:00 PM
Contact: MikeTel: (213)250-4353

The We Are America Coalition march is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. at MacArthur Park and will continue on Wilshire Boulevard to the La Brea Tar Pits, where a rally will celebrate the day of the worker.

Moreno Valley
Location: corner of Frederick and Cottonwood
Zip: 92553 Time Begin: 8:00 a.m.
Time End: 12 noon
Contact Person: Victoria Baca
Phone: 951-204-3401

Nation-wide boycott. No school, stay at home. However, if you need a place to go, join other opposers of HR4437 at Moreno Valley Community Park. Bring your own lunch!

Location: International Blvd (14th St.) + 98th Ave.
Time Begin: 9:00 AM Time End: 1:30 PM
Contact Person: Ronald Cruz
Phone: (510) 501-2435

We will gather in East Oakland, at the corner of International Blvd. (E. 14th St.) + 98th Ave. We will then march down International Blvd. to the Federal Building in downtown Oakland and have a rally. For more information, contact BAMN (Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary)

Time Begin: 8am Time End: 7pm
Contact Person: Committee on Raza Rights

May 1st Coalition for Students' and Workers' Justice8am-5pm: Peoples' School Workshops and Family Meeting Space
Inlakech Cultural Arts Center937 West Fifth Street Oxnard, Ca
5pm: March from Inlakech Cultural Arts Center to La Placita Park (Downtown Oxnard)
More Information at

Time Begin: 10 am Time End: 9pm
Contact Person: Armando Elenes
Phone: 805-207-3656
e-mail: Web:

Detail Information: The Kern Coalition For Immigrant Rights (KCFIR) will be holding a rally in Bakersfield at 10 a.m. and a candle light vigil at 6 p.m. at Beach Park in Bakersfield. We will have other activities going on throughout the day such as forming a human billboard in front of the park and a candlelight procession to Congressmember Bill Thomas office.

Location: El circulo Ave
Zip: 95363
Time Begin: 5:30pm Time End: 9 or 10 pm
Contact Person: Maria Phone: 209 604 1719

Join us for a PEACEFUL vigil. Bring your candles and signs to the downtown circle in Patterson. DON'T FORGET TO WEAR WHITE!

Location: California State Polytechnic University, 3801 W. Temple Ave
Zip: 91768
Time Begin: 10am Time End: 4pm
Contact Person: Martha Angelica Escudero
Phone: 951-285-5284

We will have a sit on the campus marketplace (where they sell food from corporations like Carl's Jr and Taco Bell). In this we will attempt to disrup business as usual at school. We will have speakers from the community and entertainment as well as a pot luck for food so we will not consume from the school. It is an event on campus but everyone from the community is invited to join us especially high school students that may not have something to go to.

Location: Civic Center
Zip: 94801
Time Begin: 8:00 a.m. Time End: whenever

We will gather at 3 separate locations and march past the schools pick up young people, 23rd street and san pablo avenue, rally at Civic Center in the heart of Richmond, CA and then march up McDonald Ave to Home Depot to celebrate the day laborers who gather there daily; from there we will march to legislator John Gioia's office to demand that the Contra Costa County pass a pro-immigrant resolution and then to san fran to join the march there.

Location: The west steps of the State Capital, 10th and "L" Street
When: 10:00 AM
Organized by: Coalition for Justice for Immigrants
For information, call: (916)446-3021 and (209)465-4265 for San Joaquin County

San Diego/Tijuana-1


TIJUANA SIDE:From Las Brisas Shopping Center to the Gabacho (the U.S.) Consulate in Tijuana (behind Agua Caliente, Colonia Hipódromo)Tijuana, Baja California 12 pm

We demand wages in the maquiladoras that respect the Mexican Constitution
No more than eight hours per shift
No more abuses and despotism in the maquiladorasNo more sexual harassment in the maquiladoras
No more poisoning chemicals in the maquiladoras
No more company unions in the maquiladoras

In solidarity with the National Great American Boycott of 2006 on the other side of the borderIn solidarity with Mexicans who will strike at the other side of the border
Full rights for all immigrants in the USOn May 1st, don't buy in the US, don't cross the border, don't buy Gringo products
Don't buy at Costco, Sam's Club, Home Depot, McDonald's, Burger King, etc.
Protest at the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana
Sponsored by the Zapatista Other Campaign (La Otra Campaña) in Tijuana
Another May First without borders, anti-capitalist, from the left and from the bottom

WHEN: San Diego May 1, 2006: Call to Action!
WHERE: The United States side will march from San Ysidro Community Park at 1:00 PM, go on a 2.8 mile triangular route, first to Larsen Park, then to the San Ysidro border. We will then return to the starting point for speeches, music, voter registration, cultural presentations and much, much more!
WHO: "March 25th Coalition against HR4437 San Diego" will join the "March 25th Coalition against HR4437 Los Angeles," the organizers of the mega march of almost 2 million on March 25th, in their efforts toward "El Gran Paro Americano 2006."
Nationwide Immigrant General Strike Wear White T-Shirt on May 1st!

San Diego/Tijuana (San Ysidro)-2
Location: 455 Sycamore Road
Time Begin: 12:00pm Time End: 3:30pm
Contact Person: phone: Jazmin (english & spanish) -
email: Chrissie (english) Norma (spanish)
Phone: (619) 274-0894
Larson Park a.k.a Cesar Chavez Community Center is where we will begin the march (address above) We march for immigrants and workers right! We ask for amnesty and dignity for workers of this country!

San Francisco-1
Location: Montgomery & Market
Time Begin: 8:30am Time End: all day

Convergences in San Francisco:
8:30am - Montgomery & Market (Montgomery BART)
11:00am - Embarcadero (Embarcadero BART)
3:00pm - San Francisco Civic Center (Civic Center BART)
5:00pm - Federal Building (450 Golden Gate)

Come prepared with pots and spoons to bang together (CACEROLAZO), energy and creativity to drown out business in San Francisco! Wear white and look for the flags with a pot and spoon on them.

San Francisco-2 State: CA
Zip: 94103
Location: Montgomery & Market (Montgomery BART)
Time Begin: 8:30 AM Time End: 11:00 AM
Contact Person: May Day in the Bay e-mail: Web:

Detail Information: General Strike! No Work, No School, No Selling, No Buying! Come prepared with pots and spoons to bang. together (CACEROLAZO), energy and creativity to drown out business in San Francisco! Wear white and look for the flags with a pot and spoon on them.

San Francisco-3
Time Begin: 11:00

March starting at Embarcadero at 11am and going to the Civic Center

Location: 200 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Date: May 1
Time Begin: morning Time End: unknown
Contact: Ernie e-mail:

12,000 Port and Rail troqueros will be shutting down in Solidarity and will congregate at Banning Park. Other ports across the nation are pending.

Orange County
Date: May 1

Students in Orange County should march to two strategic locations:
Ed Royce 305 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 300 Fullerton, CA
Ronald Reagan Federal Building 411 W. 4th St. Santa Ana, CA
Some points for students to consider: - No violence or property destruction - Avoid profanity or racial insults - Make sure all signs are spelled correctly and free of grammatical errors. - If someone asks about the flag you wave, tell the person you carry it to express cultural and ethnic pride, not to show allegiance to any government. - Be wary of any informational forum held by police, schools, or government agencies. They want to mislead you with political jargon and empty promises. Don't fall for it!

Santa Barbara
Location: Ortega Park
Zip: 93103
Time Begin: 1:30 PMTime End: 5:00 PM
Contact Person: Miguel Ramirez Phone: (805)882-2484

We are working in coalition with organizations, and colleges so they can plan their events and after that they all can join us at Ortega park to march immigrant rights.1:30 workshops3:30 march

Santa Cruz
Location: Corner of Liebrant and Raymond Streets
Zip: 95062
Time Begin: 12:00 mediodia Time End: Cuando queremos
Contact Person: Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo
Phone: 831 426-1626

Santa Rosa
Location: 665 Sebastopol Road to Julliard Park.
Time Begin: 10:00 am Time End: ?
Contact Person: MECHA
Phone: (707) 318-2818

All welcome to march in support of immigrant rights and protest immigrant bashing from 665 Sebastopol Road to Julliard Park.

Location: WILDWOOD PARK de VISTA, En la esquina de E. Vista Way & Escondido Avenue (Enfrente de la Escuela Lincoln)
Time: 11:00 AM
Contact: (760) 758-1712 * (760) 828-5576 * (760) 945-3082 * (760) 415-4497

PARTICIPA en la HUELGA NACIONAL CON NOSOTROS en elWILDWOOD PARK de VISTAEn la esquina de E. Vista Way & Escondido Avenue (Enfrente de la Escuela Lincoln)
Empezando a las 11am hasta la tarde!!! Sera un EVENTO CULTURAL E INFORMATIVO!!!!
Para mas información o ayudar, comunícate a los siguientes Teléfonos: (760) 758-1712 * (760) 828-5576 * (760) 945-3082 * (760) 415-4497

West Hollywood
Location: 8714 Santa Monica Blvd.
Zip: 90069
Time Begin: 6:00 PM Time End: 7:30 PM
Contact Person: Rev. Alejandro Escoto
Phone: (310) 854-9110

A special service will be held to pray for immigration rights.

Location: Boulder Band Shell, Broadway and Canyon
Time: 12:00 PM
Contact: Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center:

"Monday May 1st, RALLY FOR IMMIGRANT RIGHTS May Day , 12 p.m. at the Boulder Band Shell, Broadway and Canyon. Wear White in Solidarity with Immigrants!

Location: Viking Park along Speer Boulevard and 29th Avenue
Time Begin: 9am
Contact Person: Colorado AFSC Phone: 303-623-3464

At 9 a.m. on May 1, gather at Viking Park along Speer Boulevard and 29th Avenue and then march through the downtown business district to the state Capitol for a midday rally.


New Heaven
Location: Bushnell Park in Hartford or the Green in New Haven
FromTime Begin: 2:00 PMTime End: 7:00 PM
For more information call (860) 296-7416 / (860) 538-3921 / (860) 721-1202

Demand Comprehensive Immigration Reform! Equal rights for all immigrants! Legalization NOW! Total financial boycott! Businesses are closing; workers are taking the day off; and parents are taking their children out of school! BUT DON'T STAY HOME! Join us for the largest pro-immigrant rallies in CT history! There will be of Music and Information about Immigration history and laws - bring a snack!* Details: In CT you are employed "at will" unless you have a Union. Be sure to request the day off. Parents have the right to take their children out of school. Plan ahead so that the financial boycott is effective.
Sponsors: 1199, 32BJ, AFSC, Asociación de Bodegueros, Center for New Economy, Coalición Regional por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes, Greater Hartford ICEJ, Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice, Latinos Contra la Guerra, Multi-Services, Peruvian Professional Org., Pro-Immigrant Coalition, MIRA, SAMA, Unidad Latina en Acción de New Haven, and UNITE/HERE Local 217.

Location: 888 Washington Blvd.
Zip: 06901
Time Begin: 7:30am Time End: 10:00am
Contact Person: Phil Berns
Phone: 203 324 2133

Have mass rally at the time people usually go to work (7:30am-9am) to support one another in not going to work or at leasat going in late. Then pass out written pledges for folks to take to merchants they patronize to get them to sign on to comprehensive, logical and humane Immigration Reform.

Zip: 06226
Time Begin: 5:30 PM Time End: 7:00 PM
Phone: 860 423 0545



May 1st at 10:00 AM - marching downtown.Gather at Union Park (Ashland & Lake)
Rallying Points:
4:30 PM Haymarket Square (Washington & Desplaines)
7:00pm Post-March May Day Celebration with the Latino UnionOur Lady of Mercy Church - 4432 N. Troy
10:00 PM Watch News Coverage on a widescreen at Our Lady of Mercy
Contact: Latin American Defense Organization( LADO)
Tel: 773 507-5764

Date: May 1 2006
Time Begin: 12:00 pm Time End: 5:00 pm
Location: Mcclean Blvd
Contact: JuJu

Gathering to support "The great American Boycott 2006" In front of the Elgin Mall @ Mclean Blvd.


St. Augustine's Church, 628 Deakin Ave.
Time Begin: 9:00 am Time End: 12:00 noon
Contact Person: Francisco Salinas
Phone: (208) 885-7716 e-mail:

In observance of the National "Brown-out" being called for by Latino leaders and organizations around the United States responding to recently proposed immigration legislation, two student organizations at the University of Idaho, UNITY and M.E.Ch.A. have organized a Teach-in to take place at St. Augustine's Church in Moscow, ID (628 Deakin Ave.) on Monday May 1st between 9:00 am and Noon. The Office of Multicultural Affairs is assisting their efforts. The Teach in will feature experts on particular aspects of the issue of immigration and will allow participants the opportunity to examine this timely issue with an informed perspective. Confirmed participants are:
- Monica Schurtman - UI Law School immigration law specialist- Liz Brandt - UI Law School human rights and civil liberties specialist- Debbie Storrs - UI Dept of Sociology and UI Diversity Certificate- Sam Byrd - former Executive Director, Idaho Migrant Council, Founder of Diversity Works and el Centro de Comunidad y Justicia
Immediately following the Teach-in there will be a sign making, march safety session in the St. Augustine's Center next to the cathedral. This will include limited refreshments which are dependent upon donation. If you would like to donate food for this portion contact Francisco Salinas at or 885-7716.
There will be a Peace March for Immigrants Rights following the teach in at 1:00 pm beginning at St. Augustine's church and concluding with a rally at the Federal building in Moscow. The rally will include speakers such as Sam Byrd, some local political leaders and a few students.


College Park
Date: May 1
Student boycott at the University of Maryland


Date: May 1
Contact: Antoinette Flores La Causa Amherst College
Tel: (847)271-6739

Rally on the Amherst Town Common with Communities Against Hate, Amnesty Ahora, and the Five College May 1st Coalition (Amherst College, UMass College, Hampshire College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College)

BostonRally on BOSTON COMMON (Park Street, Green Line or Red Line T)
When: 4:00 PM
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Boston May Day Coalition 617-407-9433 or 617-566-2861
Flyers: poster/bajar poster (pdf)
flyer (Word)
Bajar volante (Word)

Harvard University
1pm: Student-worker walkout & rally in Harvard Square
2pm: March to Massachusetts State House
Michael Gould-WartofskyHarvard May Day Coalition

Location: 255 Mather Mail Center
Zip: 02138 Time
Begin: 4:00 PM Time End: 7:00 PM
Contact Person: Johnhenry Gonzalez
Phone: 617 407-9433

Rally at 4:00 in solidarity with the Gran Paro Nacional.

Location: First Church of Christ 50 Elm Street Zip: 01103
Time Begin: 4:30PM Time End: 6:00 PM

Immigrant rights rally.


Location: 301 N main st.
Zip: 49221
Time Begin: 1 pm Time End: 4 pm
Contact Person: Lupe Phone: (517)263-2977


Kansas City
Location: Liberty Memorial, 100 West 26th Street
Zip: 64108
Time Begin: 4 p.m. Time End: 7 p.m.
Contact Person: Sons and Daughters of Immigrants - Hijos y Hijas de Inmigrantes Phone: 816-931-2655

The agenda invites community voices to reflect on a peaceful and just comprehensive immigration reform. We will hear about voter registration education. Most importantly we will hear from our young people in support of the Dream Act and their voice in the movement. Don't miss this day of reflection, family, peace and justice. Wear white! Please put white ribbons on your car antenna, doors, and businesses as well!

Representantes de la comunidad hablaran sobre la paz y justicia. También aprendizaje en como tomar acción política. Queremos hablar sobre la importancia de los jóvenes en este movimiento y el "Acto Sueno" (Dream Act). No se pierden este día de reflexión, familia, paz, y justicia. ¡Póngase ropa blanca! Por favor ponga un moño blanco en la antena de su caro, puertas de su casa, y negocios.

Location: 32 Campus Dr, University of Montana
Zip: 59812
Time Begin: 11am Time End: 5pm

* 11am-5pm Mayday Carnival on the University of Montana Oval* March in support of immigrant and worker rights from the oval to downtown. Rally 1pm on UM oval, leave 1:30.

Las Vagas(More Information Coming Soon)

New Hampshire

Location: Dartmouth College
Zip: 03755
Contact Person: Tina Phone: 603-646-3379

Peaceful March and Gathering with Speakers.

New Mexico

Location: 1701 Broadway se
Zip: 87102
Time Begin: 3:00 PM Time End: 6:30 PM
Contact Person: Rachel Lazar
Phone: 505-+2461627

Meet from: 3:00-5:00 PM at Tiguex Park (Mountain/18th) information and Entertainment. 5:00 PM peaceful march from the park to the civic plaza(3rd & Tijeras)doing a rally at civic plaza and march back to the park

New Jersey

Jersey City
Date: May 1
Contact: Erik-Anders NilssonJERSEY CITY PEACE MOVEMENT

Journal Square in Jersey City rally.

New York

Contact: John Maxfield Hague Western NY Peace Center
Tel: (716)885 0001

Rally & march at Niagara Square, Buffalo NY with Western NY Peace Center, Veterans for Peace, et al.Buffalo-2Location: Harrimann Hall, UB South Campus Time
Begin: 5pm Time End: 8pm
Contact Person: Colin O'Malley
Phone: 716-400-4006

We will be gathering at Harriman Hall, and then marching down Main St. from there.

Location: The Commons, Center Pavilion
Zip: 14850
Time Begin: 11:30am Time End: 1:30pm
Contact Person: Pete Meyers
Phone: 607-269-0409

Rally on the Commons to support Immigrant Rights!

New York City (April 25)
Community Forum: Immigrant Rights Movement: Challenges & Possibilities
Tues. April 25th, 7:00 PM
Kimmel Center Room 905, 60 Washington Square South
Come out and discuss with:*Ujju Aggarwal, member of Center for Immigrant Families Collective*Subhash Kateel, co-director of Families for FreedomSponsored by: NYU Womyn's Center

New York City-1
Location: Union Square
Date: May 1
Time Begin: 4:00 pm Time End: 7:00 pm
Contact: Dustin Langley
Phone: 212-633-6646

Support the Fight for Immigrant Workers' Rights Justice for Hurricane Katrina Survivors. The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

New York City-2
Sounds of ProtestMusic - Politics - Celebration, Full Rights for Immigrants!Location: Pollo Bravo in Harlem, 116th St. btwn 2nd/3rd Ave
Date: Cinco de Mayo - May 5th 2006
Time: Doors open at 8pm
Live Music & Dancing, DJs, Slam Poets, MCs and more! Great Raffle Prizes, $10 cover includes drink specials

Location: 155 West Roe Blvd.
Zip: 11772
Time Begin: 10:30 AM Time End: 9 PM
Contact Person: Mariana Pineda
Phone: 631 355-2739

A day of films, lectures and peaceful protest:
10:30 AM Films: The Sixth Section & Immigrant Nation, Divided Country
12:30 Lecture: The Changing Face of Long Island, Guest Speaker Sister Margaret Smyth, O.P. Spanish Apostolate of Riverhead
2:00 PM Film: Bread and Roses
5:00 PM Drum out the Hatred, Beat out the Ignorance: Drumming Circle and Multicultural Music Celebration
6:30 PM Poetry Slam/Spoken Word, Open Mic Night followed by International Potluck Dinner (Please bring any dish of your liking to share in our Solidarity Supper)

Plus, all day: Design yor own T-Shirt (Bring a white t-shirt to decorate, we provide paint, etc) Interactive Chalk Mural, Poster Contest (categories include Most Visually Appealing and Greatest Emotional Impact).

Location: begin at the intersection of North Hamilton and Main Street Poughkeepsie. Final rally in Waryas Park on the Hudson River.Zip: 12601
Time Begin: 2pm Time End: 6pm
Contact Person: Chandra Russo
Phone: (845) 473-0452

March for immigrants rights will begin at the intersection of North Hamilton and Main Street Poughkeepsie. Final rally in Waryas Park on the Hudson River.

Location: Federal Bldg, 100 State St
Zip: 14621
Time Begin: 4:30 pm Time End: 6:30 pm
Contact Person: Roberto Resto
Phone: 585-454-7932

Gather 4:30 at Federal Building, downtown Rochester.
5:00 march to St Michael's Church, North Clinton Ave at Clifford. Rally at St Michael'sNorth Carolina

Location: Melvin Municipal Building, Downtown
Zip: 27403
Time: 3:30 PM Tate St. (off UNCG Campus)4:00 PM (Melvin Municipal Building, Downtown)Time End: 7:00 PM
Contact Person: Julie Southerland
Phone: 336-420-3987

Student contigent/UNCG Student carpool meet up at fedExKinko's parking lot on Tate Street. We will be meeting at 3:30pm to go together to the MAY 1 "Great American Boycott" Rally for Immigrants Rights in Downtown Greensboro as part of the national day of action.

Location: Lumberton Fair Grounds
Time Begin: 4 PM Time End: 8 PM
Contact Person: Emma Herrera
Phone: 910-843-1671
Organized by Coalicion Pro-Justicia. Coalition for Justice.
Gather at 4 PM, March at 5 PM, Rally at Lumberton City Hall at 6 PM


Johnstown (April 28 -30)
Conference: Richland Inn Scalp Ave Johnstown PA 15904
April 28 -30
Time Begin: Friday 7 PM April 28
Time End: Sunday 5 PM
Contact Person: Red Gabe Ross
Phone: 814 242 8183

There will be a conference sponsored by the Socialist Party of PA, Students for a Democratic Society and other groups. Immigrant Rights among subjects.
Followed by a march on May Day. A fast by activists from May Day until Cinco De Mayo and then a march on the recruiters demanding citizenship or all service people and Amnesty for all Immigrants.

(4/24)TOWN MEETING ON IMMIGRANT'S RIGHTS: "What's in the New Bills" and "What isn't?Location: Univ. of Pittsburgh William Pitt Union, Ballroom, 5th and Bigelow Avenues,Oakland
When: 7:00 PM

(4/25)PROPOSED IMMIGRANTS' RIGHTS RESOLUTION TO PITTSBURGH CITY COUNCILLocation: City-County Bldg., 5th Floor, Grant St. (building with the statue), downtown Pittsburgh
When: 10:00 AM

Pittsburgh (4/29)
May Day Holiday Celebration & Midnight march to Homestead Strikers' Monument
Where: Bulgarian-Macedonian Hall, 449 West 8th Ave. West Homestead, PA, 15120
When: April 29, 2006, 9pm - 1am
For more info e-mail: or

ALL FRIENDS OF LABOR WELCOME Celebrate Immigrant Labor Rights & THE CALL FOR A General Strike! Entertainment, cash bar, open mic, literature. Please bring food to share, not drinks. Co-sponsored by the I.W.W. & Battle of Homestead Foundation
Pittsburgh (5/1)-1COUNTER DETENTION VIGILWhere: Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail, 950 2nd Ave. (by the 10th Street Bridge to the South Side), downtown

When: May 1, 3:00 PM

Pittsburgh (5/1)-2
MARCH FOR IMMIGRANTS' RIGHTS in solidarity with the Great American Boycott 2006
Where: Meet at the Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail, 950 2nd Ave. (by 10th Street Bridge to the South Side), downtown Pittsburgh
When: May 1, 5:00 PM

Bring chants, drums, pots and spoons, dress costumes and wear make up. Celebrate May 1st International Workers' Day for Immigrants' Rights! Let's do the samba and mardigrass together! These are peaceful demonstrations for human dignity.

Rhode Island
Date: May 1
Contact: Alex Gould
UFCW Local 328 Tel: 401-722-4032
March through providence, organized by Jobs with Justice, Comite de Trabajadores Unidos, Inmigrantes en Accion and others.

When: 9:00 AM, 3:30 PM
Contact: RI Jobs with Justice: 454-4766

Join May 1 Actions in Providence, Rhode Island9:00 am demand immigrant worker justice. Meet in Kennedy Plaza. 3:30 pm join the Grand March to the State House. Meet at Central High School.
We are organizing an emergency response for people who are targeted by their employer for not going to work on May 1. If people are fired we cannot promise that they will get their jobs back, but we can organize a strong and united response to employers who target their employees for participating in the boycott. To find out how you can help or to get advice on participating call RI Jobs with Justice: 454-4766 or email:

Location: jefferson and 18th street Zip: 37412
Time Begin: 7:00 Time End: 5:00
Contact Person: Azul-Cristian Caravaggio
Phone: (423)432-9839

Everyone who wants to be involved to join the nationwide boycott si se puede!!!!!!!!!!


Date: May 1
Contact: Carlos MaganaLULAC

Place: MEMORIAL PARK, 7300 Memorial Dr and Picnic Lane
Time: 11:00 AM
What: Rally/Gathering

Activities: oTestimonies of Immigrants oWorkshops of Civic Participation oVoter Registration oLetter Writing Campaign to Petition for Permanent Residency oEach person takes their food, water and soft drinks for a Day of Festivities in the park.
What we want: oWe all support just treatment for immigrants, their dignity and rights. oWe all support comprehensive immigration reform, especially permanent residency for all who need this protection.

*We all reject the criminalization of immigrants and those who associate/assist them.

The manner to show support on May 1:
*Place a WHITE RIBBON, AMERICAN FLAG AND THE PHRASE "IN GOD WE TRUST" on all cars, motor vehicles, homes, businesses, agencies and worksites (if granted permission).
*No buying or selling on that day. Especially the purchase of gasoline or any other product. Close your business on that day.
*Do not work. Ask for permission or let your boss know of your absence. Do not risk your job since the law permits the employer the absolute decision to fire anyone without a reason. Because of this, be sure of your decision to leave work without permission as the law supports your employer decision and no one can change that.
*Being absent from your routine activities and their consequences are considerations each individual must make and so, to participate on this day is a conscious decision of each individual. Nonetheless, as we have described above, there are many ways to show support without running risks.


Pharr D
ate: May 1, 2006
Time Begin: 7:00a.m. Time End: midnight
Location: 500 N. Nolana Loop
Contact: Angel Ramirez

This is to all PSJA North students interested to make a stand against the Immigration Bill that Congress wants to pass, any student or teacher interested in taking any part in any of this please contact me by phone or by E-mail I will be sure to answer back.

Date: May 1
Contact: Gene AkinsI.W.W.
Tel: 972-231-6612
In Planning Stages thus far probably in connection with Jobs With Justice.

Location: 611 20th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98114
Time: 3:00pm
Contact: (206)324-6044
Primero de MayoEn este pais el 10 de Abril millones de sin voz yexcluidos lanzamos el grito de...YA BASTA!
Ahora aturdiremos a este gobierno y al pueblode esta nacion con nuestro silencio.ESTA SERA UNA MARCHA EN SILECIOEmpezaremos en la Iglesia Sta. Maria611 20th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98114
Lunes 1ro de Mayo 2006 a las 3:00pm de la tarde
Se les pide a los participantes lo siguiente:-Vestir de Negro-Marchar en Silecion-No ir a trabajar o a la escuela-Reducir la cantidad que se comprapor una semana (por ejemplo. Si ustedgasta $100 en una semana, solamente gaste $50
Para mas informacion o si esta interasado(a) en formarparte del Comite llame al: (206)324-6044
Organizado por: Comite Pro-Amnistia General y Justicia Social, LELO, SEIU Local 6, CASA Latina, Iglesia Sta. Maria, SeattleJobs with Justice.
Patrocinado por: Centro de la Raza, Centro Latino de Tacoma,M.E.Ch.A-SVCC, M.E.Ch.A-UW, M.E.Ch.A-TESC, Cascade People's Center, Arab American Community Coalition, UNITE HERE 8, NWFCO, NWIRP,Hate Free Zone, Every Workers Movement, Olympia Movement forJustice and Peace y muchos mas... ES TIEMPO DE ORGANIZARSE!

Location: Judkins Park near 20th and Jackson (behind St. Mary's Church, 611 20th Avenue South, Seattle)
Time: 3:30 PM
Contact: Helene Lustan
Tel: (206)554-1796

Rally and Silent March for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (march ends at Federal Building downtown)

Location: Gather at St. Mary's Church at 611 20th Ave S. March to Federal Building at 2nd Ave and Madison Street
When: 3:30 PM
Contact: Socialist Alternative
Tel: (206) 526-7185

Time Begin: 3pm Time End: 9pm
Contact Person: Todd Iverson
Phone: 253-471-1123

America In Solidarity has put on a May Day event celebrating worker's rights the past three years. We may also include a march highlighting that immigrant rights are worker's rights too. Please contact me if you would be interested in helping with the march.


MadisonStudent Walk-Out at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We will assemble a student "feeder" march and join the large march in Madison as we did on April 10.
Contact: Eric Hoyt

Location: 5th st & Washington
Zip: 53204
Time: 10:00 AM
Contact Person: Voces de la Frontera
Phone: 643-1620
e-mail: Web:


City: Dothan
Date: May 1
Event: March
Contact: Rich Lopez(334) 793-2626

City: Phoenix
Date: May 1
Event: Human Chain & Voter Registration
Contact: Martin Manteca(602)

City: Little Rock
Date: May 1
Contact: Neil

City: Bakersfield
Date: May 1Event: March & Rally
Contact: The Kern County Coalition for Immigrant Rights (661) 725-9730
Event Info

City: Fresno
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: Coalition for Immigrant Rights(559) 266-5291
Event Info

City: Los Angeles
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: We Are America Coalition(213) 637-7690
Event Info

City: Palm Springs
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: UFW, Comite Latino(760) 398-2649
Event Info

City: Sacramento
Date: May 1
Event: Cultural Celebration, March, & Vigil
Contact: Campaign Against Unjust Immigration Laws(916) 443-3424
zapa@zsc.orgEvent Flyer

City: Salinas
Date: May 1
Event: March
Contact: Watsonville UFW(831) 763-4820
Event Flyer

City: San Diego
Date: May 1
Event: Candlelight Vigil
Contact: Norma Chavez(619)

Event Flyer

City: Santa Rosa
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: United Farm Workers(707) 528-3039
Event Info

City: Watsonville
Date: May 1
Event: March & Prayer VigilContact: Cesar Lara(831) 424-2713

City: Denver
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: Nita Gonzales(303) 964-8993
Event Flyer

City: Telluride
Date: May 1
Event: Rally
Contact: Union Hispana(970) 417-9634
Event Flyer

City: Hartford
Date: May 1
Event: Teach-in
Contact: Art Perry(860) 560-8674 x307

City: New Haven
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: John Lugo(203) 606-3484
Event Flyer

City: Stamford
Date: May 1
Event: Rally
Contact: Philip Berns
Event Flyer

City: Belle Glade
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: Sonia Barajas(561) 993-2947

City: Ft. Lauderdale
Date: May 1Event: Rally
Contact: Rev. Ivalier Duvra(954) 588-0915

City: Ft. Pierce
Date: May 1
Event: Family & Community Day at the Park
Contact: Latinamerican Coalition of St. Lucie County(772) 201-5246

City: Homestead
Date: May 1
Event: Interfaith Service & March
Contact: Jonathan Fried(305)

City: Orlando
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: Farmworker Association of Florida(407) 886-5151
Event Flyer

City: Sarasota
Date: May 1
Event: RallyContact: Wendy(941) 587-2108

City: Tampa
Date: May 1
Event: March, Protest, Voter RegistrationContact: Blanca Gonzalez(813) 763-2309
Event Flyer

City: Athens
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: Jessica Kelley(706) 248-5561
Event Info

City: Burley
Date: May 1
Event: Voter Education/Candle light VigilContact: Leo Morales(208) 385-9146

City: Caldwell
Date: May 1
Event: Voter Education/Candle light VigilContact: Leo Morales(208) 385-9146

City: Bloomington
Date: May 1
Event: MarchContact: Sonny Garcia(309) 825-6397

Event Flyer

City: Chicago
Date: May 1
Event: March & RallyContact: Laura Garza (773) 557-9727
Event Flyer
Irish Turnout Flyer

City: Davenport
Date: May 1
Event: March & RallyContact: Greg Aguilar
Event Flyer

City: Iowa City
Date: May 1
Event: March & RallyContact: Jake Wedemeyer(319) 621-6626

Event Flyer

City: Ottumwa
Date: May 1Event: RallyContact: Noe Hernandez(641) 684-0347
Event Info

City: Washington
Date: May 1
Event: Peace MarchContact: Gabriela Conchola(319) 653-5085
Event Flyer

City: Topeka
Date: May 1
Event: RallyContact: Nancy Ochoa

City: Louisville
Date: May 1
Event: March for CIRContact: Esteban Bartlett(502) 894-9308

City: Baltimore
Date: May 1
Event: Community Gathering
Contact: CASA of Maryland(301) 431-4185

City: Detroit
Date: May 1
Contact: Juan A. Escareño(313) 962-5290 x20
Event Flyer

City: Reno
Date: May 1
Event: March & Candlelight VigilContact: Ireri Rivas(775) 348-7557

City: Morristown
Date: May 1
Event: DemonstrationContact: Wind of the Spirit(973) 538-2035

Location: BronxDate: May 1
Event: Human ChainContact: Sussie Lozada(212) 388-2149
Event Flyer

Location: Brooklyn
Date: May 1Event: Human Chain
Contact: Artemio Guerra(718) 930-9068
Event Flyer

Location: Manhattan
Date: May 1
Event: Human ChainContact: Angela Lee(212) 627-2227 x229
Event Flyer

Location: Staten Island
Date: May 1
Event: Human ChainContact: Gonzalo Mercado(646) 772-0096
Event Flyer

Location: Queens
Date: May 1
Event: Human Chain
Contact: Zahida Pirani(212) 388-2119
Event Flyer (

City: Charlotte
Date: May 1
Event: VigilContact: Communities for Comprehensive Immigration Reform; Latin American Coalition(704) 567-0192; (704) 531-3848

City: Cincinnati
Date: May 1Event: Rally
Contact: Don Sherman(513) 621-5991
Event Flyer

City: Dayton
Date: May 1
Contact: Rev. Jayne L. Ruiz(937) 258-8118
Event Flyer

City: Eugene
Date: May 1
Event: RallyContact: Guadalupe Quinn(503) 688-7376

Event Flyer

City: Portland
Date: May 1
Event: Rally & MarchContact: Aeryca Steinbauer(503) 982-0243 x213
Event Flyer

City: Salem
Date: May 1
Contact: Aeryca Steinbauer(503) 982-0243 x213
Event Flyer

City: Norristown
Date: May 1
Event: Public HearingContact: Rose White(215) 226-3600

City: Providence
Date: May 1
Event: March, Boycott, General StrikeContact: Juan Garcia(401) 419-1050
Event Flyer

City: Austin
Date: May 1
Event: March & Rally
Contact: Cristina Tzintzun(512) 474-0007 x106
Event Flyer

City: Houston
Date: May 1
Event: RallyContact: Alain Cisneros(713) 868-7015
Event Info

City: Houston
Date: May 1
Event: Community Gathering, Voter RegistrationContact: Angela Mejia
Event Flyer

City: San Antonio
Date: May 1
Event: Rally & MarchContact: Viola Casares(210) 927-2294
Event Flyer

Date: May 1
Event: Community Gathering
Contact: Juan Carlos Ruiz(414) 758-0600

City: Milwaukee
Date: May 1
Event: Civil rights marchContact: Christine Neumann-Ortiz(414) 643-1620
Press Release
Event Flyer


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say that there are some immigration events planned throughout Michigan as well. We have a flyer with a list of events and a bunch of news and info about the issue in general at:

If anyone is going to be in the area and would like to participate, or is just looking for more information about the immigration debate, check out the website!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a more feeble attempt to make a statement for a right you don't have anyway. This "boycott" won't do anything at all but cause workers to lose a days pay and a student to lose a school day. This "Boycott" will make as much differencre as a ripple in the ocean. This is just as stupid as the "big gas out" which didn't work either. We Americans all laugh at you. If you don't like the way things are here, go back home and change your own government, not ours.

Anonymous said...

We are talking about closing businesses to support someone who's breaking the law? WHO has done wrong here? I am all for America welcoming immigrants who do it the RIGHT way. Not someone who's snuck-in under the cover of darkness, not someone who's assumed an identity that can't be verified, not someone who is working for sub-standard wages and allowing an employer to bypass paying their fair share of taxes. I will help build the list of businesses who are closed to support the rallies and never spend my American dollars there again. God bless America and the people who play by the rules.

sparky3489 said...

First of all, do they really think that it will make any difference at all? It won't. In order to actually make a noticible dent in the economy, they would have to hold out a heck of a lot longer than 24 hours...and I just really don't see that happening. Second of all, where do they get off? Nowhere else but in America could someone protest, throw a fit and expect someone to make allowances for the fact that they have, in fact, broken the law. There are legal ways to enter this country, they could have chosen one of them and then there wouldn't be this problem. However, they chose not to obey the laws of this country and, in my opinion, they need to be held accountable for their lawlessness.

If we allow all these illegal immigrants amnesty, what message does that send to all the immigrants who entered this country legally, who paid their dues and did things according to the rules? Gee, we're sorry we put you through all that because our laws are completely meaningless and we're going to give amnesty to everyone who decided they didn't want to be bothered with the pesky rules? What next, are we going to allow all mass murderers to run free because, hey, if you can break one law, why not all of them. What if all the rapists in every maximum security prison across the country stage a protest demanding their freedom? Why have any rules and laws at all if they can just be arbitrarily changed to exonorate a group of people just because they protest and demand it?

Duke1676 said...

What next, are we going to allow all mass murderers to run free because, hey, if you can break one law, why not all of them. What if all the rapists in every maximum security prison across the country stage a protest demanding their freedom? Why have any rules and laws at all if they can just be arbitrarily changed to exonorate a group of people just because they protest and demand it?

this is by far one of the stupidest and most misinformed comments to be made.

The "crime" of the "illegal alien" is "illegal presence" in the United States. Under current US law this crime is a civil offense comparable to a traffic ticket.

Perhaps you are advocating that all civil crimes be treated in the same way as rape and mass murder, and receive the same kind of penalties. But somehow I doubt that ... you seem to reserve this "special treatment" only for undocumented immigrants.

Yet, I'm sure you would most likely argue that this issue has nothing to do with race, just respect for the law ... yet you apparently have no respect for it whatsoever as you are willing to bend it in order to meet your own prejudice beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I'll speak for the LEGAL citizens of Bakersfield, California. We enjoyed a "day without an ILLEGAL immigrant. Everyone drove around on empty streets. We didn't worry about getting hit by some stupid uninsured motorist. Our kids came home from school and when I asked my son, who goes to a 95% Mexican populated high school, how his day was, he said, "HEAVEN". This is from a boy who struggles with school from ADD and he was actually able to work, because the students who cut class are the usual trouble-makers.

The teachers were happy and said they were able to get their lessons taught without constant interruption. My husband is in construction and he said it didn't make any difference when several subcontractor's employees didn't show up. He told the subs to just keep them home permanently, they proved they aren't needed.

I spent my day filling up the Suburban, my son's Yukon, took the kids to Supercuts (it's usually frequented by hispanics on my side of town) so we didn't have to wait in line. After picking up the kids from school (which was so much easier without all the usual mess of Mexican drivers pulling out in front of you and then driving 2 mph), we went to Sonic, then we went to Wendy's, the we went grocery shopping, we bought early Mother's day presents.

I, along with many other people, from what I hear, drove around and took note of the businesses that had closed. We are making lists on the internet and spreading the word to friends and family, that those businesses will now be permanently boycotted.

Around here, the only businesses that will suffer, are the small Mexican family-owned restaurants. They've screwed themselves and I can see many of them closing up for good within several months.

We pay good money to send our kids to college (and we don't get free in-state tuition like ILLEGALS). So this website listed quite a few colleges and universities who participated and those will be boycotted as well. We will not send our kids to public or private colleges that are so damn liberal that they would allow ILLEGALS to boycott on government property.

I will also be writing to government officials. Why should taxpayer money be used to pay college professors to organize protests.

Most Americans enjoyed a day without an ILLEGAL immigrant. It was like living in America in the 1950's when times were better. Our kids were safe, the Mexicans hadn't invaded with their trash, beat-up cars, graffiti, gangs, tuberculosis and a host of other diseases that we had irradicated.

The tax dollars that we spend to pay for police, cleanup of your crap in after your "rallies", your free medical care, anchor babies, WIC, food stamps, Section 8 housing all costs more than the few pesos you're giving to our economy. You work to send 2/3 of Mexico's income back from American companies. We know your allegiance isn't to America. Your stupid President Fox is trying to govern the US and Mexico. He should stick to fixing his own screwed up country. Maybe if you'd spend the energy you put into boycotting into educating your Mexican citizens (in Mexico), your people would be smarter.

I've never seen a race of people that drive around with a "blank" look on their faces. It's like there's no one home upstairs.

Why can't you people come over here and learn to speak English, like Asians or Eastern Indians? You have older Mexicans that have lived here for years and still can't speak English. Are you that stupid? I guess so.

From what I've read it's a waste of time to try to educate your kids here in America, because if they actually try to do good, other Mexicans accuse them of "acting white". So your own people are holding each other down.

You need to fix your cultural stereotypes and change your kids attitudes. Also, I suggest something called BIRTH CONTROL. It's used when you can't afford feeding yourselves. You can't bring kids into this world if you can't feed them.

Oh wait, that's why you come here when your women are ready to pop. They can get free medical care and instant citizenship and us dumb Americans and our government pay for it.

Well, you woke up the silent majority of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM MANY COUNTRIES WHO CALL AMERICA HOME. These LEGAL citizens show allegiance to America. They are what the spirit of LEGAL IMMIGRATION is all about.

We will get our laws changed to protect us from becoming a third world country like Mexico. If you continue to populate our country, who will take care of you? You can't seem to do it in Mexico, what makes you think you can come here and do better if you overtake Aztlan? You'll just have more land, but it will be run just like the Mexican government.

You need us to take care of you, because you are too stupid to take care of your own people.

I would suggest all Mexicans who come over here and are lucky enough to get a free education, go back and teach your people how to plant farms, run businesses, drill for oil and become a democratic society.




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