Monday, December 10, 2007

Call Out To All Pro-Migrant Bloggers

(I've bumped this up to the top of the page so it continues to get some exposure ... Duke)

I've noticed that technorati is listing up a plethora of new pro-migrant blogs. With that in mind it's really time to update my blogroll (it's woefully out of date, and missing many key players in the pro-migrant blogosphere).

So, if you have, or know of a pro-migrant blog, write about migrant and/or immigration issues, human rights, or other issues of concern to the broader immigrant community - leave a link in the comments, or e-mail me and give me some info on our blog.

I'd be more than happy to add you to the blogroll.

I'd eventually like to have as complete a listing as possible of the pro-migrant blogsphere.



Glen said...

People Migrate

Duke1676 said...

thanks Glen,

I've read the blog and love it, bookmarked it a while ago to add it to the blogroll .


Man Eegee said...

pick me! pick me!

oh wait...

LH81 said...


Duke1676 said...

Manny - you crack me up :D

Thanks lh81 .. great blog...great org

El Perro said...

Hola Duke, un sitio general para noticias de esta tema en español: http://noticias.aol.com/

No es "pro-inmigracion" especificamente pero, tiene noticias frecuentes y provee un foro general para alcanzar a Latinos quien si mismos tal vez no tienen intereses en las politicas y no encontrarian este tipo de sitio.

Que tenga mucho exito en sus esfuerzos, necesitamos mas aliados como Ud. en la lucha!

Duke1676 said...

Thanks el perro

hopefully soon there will be a better Spanish language option for reading not only this blog but many of the the other pro-migrant writers...it's something that's definitely being worked on. ..and thanks for the link

John Lamb said...

The Hispanic Nashville Notebook

Specifically immigrant-related posts:

Let me know what you think of the pro-immigrant ads, too:


Duke1676 said...

great site john..thanks

love the ad

Anonymous said...




These are pretty new

Anonymous said...


s at the end of mexicans

Duke1676 said...

those are two of the new ones I saw at technorati that inspired this call-out

thanks ...they're both great

John Lamb said...

also check out

(no archives access unless you're a guest poster)

and back to HispanicNashville - did you catch the rest of the ads, not just the first one?


Duke1676 said...

just went back and checked the "campaign" ads...great concept.

Fash said...


I just started it last week, so it only has a few posts.

Anonymous said...


Richard said...


Duke1676 said...

thanks fash, richard, anonymous ...great sites

Codex said...

Wow this blog is huge, I don't have the time to post too much at this point, but I just started my blog.


I will bookmark this :D


Ben said...

Hello. I just started this new blog about the story of a immigrant guy. I wouldn't call it pro or anti immigrant. All I want to do is tell the story of those who give up their lives in search of a better future for their families.


You have a great blog going on here.

Ben said...

Sorry, the address of the blog is wrong in the last comment. The correct address is:


Duke1676 said...

Codex..good start, keep it up

Ben...checked it out early today, what a great idea, and inventive way to put a "face" on this issue...(even if it's somewhat fictional)... I'll be following Estaban's story.

Stentor said...

I probably don't write consistently enough about the issue to count as a "pro-migrant blog," but I do sometimes regurgitate information my wife (a nonprofit lawyer who does detention defense) tells me at http://debitage.net/blog

kyledeb said...

Hey Duke,

This post is great, I love the how the pro-migrant blogosphere is exploding. Just wanted to suggest you check out my blogroll over at citizenorange.com, there might be some you've missed, and I'm going to add a lot of these on.

Anonymous said...

I am never able to log onto e-blogger blogs. I'm not sure where the problem is so I have to sign in anonymously.

Please add my blog to the list: http://brownviews.net

BrownViews is out of Salt Lake City, Utah

Thanks for your good work. I have you on my list of blogs I review frequently.

Jaime said...

Just found your blog-good stuff. I cover immigration among other issues at:


I will be adding your blog to my links.


jahjahatc said...

A very good pro immigration website is http://www.proudtoliveinamerica.com
Multi-lingual site even has an online petition for Pedro zapeta the immigrant dishwasher who lost 49,000 to the US District court

iamashadow said...

I'm a pro-immigrant blogger, because I'm an undocumented student myself.

LatinoPundit said...

what's the status on this group?

EMAdvice Consultant said...

Hi Duke!

I have a blog for immigrants: http://legalaliensguide.blogspot.com
I write about networking organizations, groups, associations and events that help newcomers to find a job, start their own business or just find friends in the community

Elenamary said...

I would assume most of these bloggers are pro-migrant...

stateofimmigration said...