Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Web site pick: Minutmen Unvarnished

This weeks Web Site Pick is "Minutemen Unvarnished" a site sponsored by the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation’s Border Project, which monitors day labor sites in San Diego County.

Minutemen Unvarnished tracks the activities of the San Diego Minutemen as they harass and threaten day laborers, employers, and Latinos in general, at various locations throughout the region. They video the minutemen in action and present them uncensored in all their racist glory.

The San Diego Minutemen (SDMM) and related groups are targeting day laborer hiring sites--and the laborers themselves--throughout San Diego County, chasing away potential employers in what they claim is simply a campaign to secure our borders.

SDMM's public line is that they stage protests at the sites to discourage the hiring of "illegal slave labor." However, among themselves, they make it clear that their target is Latino day laborers, period... legal or illegal.

In the videos presented here, SDMM members and supporters speak and act for themselves. You be the judge.

Minutemen Unvarnished

Here's a sample of what the folks from "Minutemen Unvarnished" deal with daily:

For more see: Minutemen Unvarnished

Also check out their sister site; Minutemen Uncensored where they post up uncensored e-mails from Minutemen listserves that give an inside view of what the San Diego Minutemen say to each other when there are no cameras or observers around.

Minutemen Unvarnished shows the true face of Lou Dobbs "patriot" friends


Hran said...

I don't know, seems justified. The Hispanics were calling HIM a M.F. but they didn't film it. Notice how it was clipped it out.

This is just raw ethnic hate from the Hispanic side.

Duke1676 said...


your an idiot ... plain and simple

no normal person could watch that video and draw that conclusion ... only and idiot or a racist would come to that conclusion ... for your sake I've chosen idiot ...but you are free to choose the later.

RonF said...

I took a look at a couple of the videos. I have yet to see where we know anything for sure about these guys besides the fact that they were carrying American flags. Where's the video where you establish that they are members of a Minuteman chapter?